1940s to 1990s: Evolution of Men’s Footwear over Time

1940s to 1990s: Evolution of Men’s Footwear over Time

Confused between dandy tassel loafers and chic black cap toes?

Or probably, you have both in your closet, tucked away somewhere!

However, this wasn’t that simple always. Things have drastically changed over the past few decades; you would be surprised to know how much has changed in these years in the world of men’s footwear.

This is why, we’ve chalked down below a brief history of men’s footwear trends and how each decade, since the beginning of WWII, shaped modern men’s shoes, making them trendier and more comfortable with time:

Shoes from the 1940s

The Second World War had a tremendous effect on the manner shoes were manufactured altering their basic styles and materials used. Leather was in short supply. Oxfords were easily re-soled with cheap rubber soles. Plus, they looked stylish and fashionable, especially with the broad legged trousers of that time. Muted brown and black shades dominated the shoe racks.

Shoes from the 1950s

 In this period, high street fashion was on the rise. Natty pairs of Oxfords and Chelsea Boots became mainstream. Since the war ended, fashion started to make more sense to people, and they didn’t keep themselves from trying newer trends and styles. Chelsea Boots, Brothel Creepers and Two Toned Brogues gained immense popularity.

Shoes from the 1960s

The sixties were fun and happening. The air was full of free-spirited vibes and offbeat fascinations. While the conservatives still wore understated brogues and Oxfords, new-defining trends inspired by pop culture were found making its way. The latter targeted the youth and received instant recognition. Moreover, the moccasins were introduced during this period, which reflected how the younger generation was open to more experiments and mix and match.

Shoes from the 1970s

Defined by flair and flamboyance, the 70s were all about Punk and Disco. The fashion trends were heavily inspired by the celebrity, music and youth culture. Platform Boots, after made popular by David Bowie and Jimi Hendrix had become a thing! Featuring a thick sole and high heel throughout, these boots became distinctive in the fashion circuit.

Shoes from the 1980s

Well, this was era was all about comfortable shoes and elegant styles. Though the surge of hip-hop craze carried on, the popularity of sports shoes and formal shoes also increased.

Shoes from the 1990s

Following the chunky, heavy metal trends from the late 80’s, grunge and rave wear became the order of the day. Largely influenced by the rock band culture, this style is still dominating the fashion world and can be seen in a number of contemporary footwear styles. Lots of men’s trainers and colorful shoelaces are products of this trend.

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