3 Essential Types of Men’s Designer Shoes to Rock #winterstyle This Year

men's designer shoes

Rapid globalization has far-reaching effects on fashion. Every season markets are flooded with fresh, attractive styles and designs. But as number of styles increase, so does confusion over sartorial rules. Men’s footwear is no exception. The mystifying world of men’s designer shoes is not easy to navigate. The designs and varieties of men’s shoes might be ever-increasing, but you don’t need to scratch your head over which ones to own and which ones to abandon. Here we have listed 3 important classic shoe styles that help gentlemen walk smarter, and cover all occasions, starting from workplace meetings to dinner dates.

handmade leather shoes 


Brogue shoes have come a long way since their inception as farmer’s shoes. The perforations which now lend trendiness to brogues were initially drilled to drain mud water while men labored on marshy fields. Decorative holes and ‘W’ design on toes are two distinctive features of Full Brogues or Wingtips.

When paired with dark denims, handmade leather brogues lend an animated and a cool appearance to men. The same shoes worn with crisp button down shirt and formal trousers give a well-dressed look for business appointments.

handmade leather brogues
Beautiful Gold Finish Longwing Brogue

At Fellmonger, the timeless art of broguing is married with the traditional Oxford shoe, giving birth to shoes that are highly versatile and enviably elegant. Moreover, these are handpainted patina shoes; so instead of degrading with time they develop a beautiful texture and shine when worn well.

handpainted patina shoes for men
Man in Ultralight Black Oxfords

Designer leather sneakers:

Crafted for men on the go, leather sneakers ensure your feet never get tired, so you’re always ready to go the extra distance when needed. The soles are dangerously comfortable. Yes, once you start wearing designer leather sneakers online by Fellmonger, you’re likely to prefer them for daily wear throughout the year! And the design of these shoes also leaves no room for displeasure. They have been handcrafted with top-tier calf leather. As you know, quality of leather is fundamental in the appearance and feel of shoes. That’s why our shoe designers only work with hide that’s lightweight and breathable for skin, is sophisticated look-wise and feels very supple.

designer leather sneakers online
Chestnut Leather Vintage Sneaker by Fellmonger

So don your pair of handcrafted leather sneakers and always get complimented for your smart and laidback style– when hanging out with buddies, strolling through a park or attending an event at work!

Monk strap:

Are your feet tingling to experiment with a new shoe style this season– something that comes without the hassle of tying laces and is high on trend factor? Then we totally recommend double monk strap elevator shoes– they touch the perfect point between formal and casual men’s footwear; they are built for the comfort of the wearer and feature two preppy-style buckled straps. As simple to wear and carry as sandals, monk straps provide high level of versatility– the mark of modern men.

leather shoes for men
Handcrafted Black Double Monk Elevator

To conclude:

There you go; 3 eye-catching styles of men’s designer shoes to have some fun with fashion this winter! While fashion guidelines help us look well-dressed and presentable, thrusting aside rule books and experimenting with personal style is the gateway to wow fashion moments! For inspiration, visit Fellmonger and explore some unique handmade leather shoes online.

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