3 Rules for Choosing Men’s Designer Loafer Shoes

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Some people say that shoes complete a man, while others claim that a man reveals his true identity through the shoes he chooses to wear. Whichever be your opinion, we can all agree that wearing good quality, comfortable shoes, in tune with latest styles is essential– and these necessary features are guaranteed by men’s designer shoes bought from reputed brands.

That being said, it’s not easy to spot the perfect men’s designer shoes. Only experienced eyes can identify good shoes at a single glance. Most of us face trouble selecting that one pair of shoes which always make us look respectable and stylish; no matter we are wearing tailored suits or casual denims. In this regard, we have to say that handmade leather loafers are very versatile. They can be dressed up to match formal wear, as well as dressed down to go well with casuals. So here, we’ve charted down 3 rules for buying men’s designer loafer shoes. Mug them up!

Shape of Toe

Talking about shape of toes, it’s important to always find the middle ground between extremely pointed and totally round. Here are the two best toe shapes for men’s loafers. They smarten the natural shape of your feet and feel comfortable too.

  • Classic Round: Classic round isn’t absolutely blunt, rather it traces your toe curve smoothly. Loafers with classic round toes give off relaxed and preppy vibes. Therefore, they look best in casual settings.

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  • Modern Elongated: Modern elongated toes have slightly extended fronts, but aren’t too pointy. These shoes are perfect for wearing with suits and other professional clothes. They maintain a formal look, yet look super stylish.

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Heel height:

Shorter men might feel tempted to wear loafer shoes with higher heels than normal; nevertheless ALL men must steer clear of heels. Wearing heels might have been a cool thing to do centuries ago (as the legend goes, it is MEN who first started donning heeled shoes!) In present times though, a man walking around in heeled shoes will look ludicrous!

Anyway, the ideal heel height is 1.2 inches; you can go less, but never more.

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Material Counts

Like most other styles of designer shoes online, men’s loafer shoes are manufactured mainly using two types of material- suede and leather. Let’s break down their strengths and weaknesses.

Leather loafers look sleek and sophisticated. They are apt for wearing with tailored clothing and also look classy with informal clothes. Moreover, leather loafers are sturdier than suede ones and hence, they withstand wear and tear very well. Leather ages beautifully and develops a distinct look over time. The only thing your pair of leather loafers demand from you is proper care. They need to be cleaned and polished frequently.

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Suede, on the other hand, is more delicate than leather, both in terms of look and usage. To keep the soft look of suede loafers intact, they must be worn only when weather conditions are sunny– you better not expose them to excess moisture. Generally, suede shoes pair well with casual clothes.

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With the above tips in mind, you’ll hopefully have an easier time buying men’s designer loafer shoes. Happy shopping fellows!

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