3 Vital Aspects of Buying Leather Shoes for Men

leather shoes for men

“A shoe has so much more to offer than just to walk” – Christian Louboutin

Shoes dictate so much… they govern your style of walking, your comfort and more. Shoes represent your personality and strongly impact your body language. In short, shoes have a crucial role to play in how confidently we carry ourselves. Especially when it comes to leather shoes for men, one needs to be sure to choose the perfect pair. Because the right pair strikes the accurate note between smartness and functionality, ensuring the wearer feels and looks his best.

There are countless styles, designs and varieties of men’s leather shoes. The three aspects that have been discussed below hold true for all kinds of leather shoes, but more so for formal men’s shoes, as its imperative men look flawless for significant life events, like interview, work meetings, dates and more. So, while purchasing premium leather shoes India via online sites or physical stores, you must focus on these 3 characteristics:

Right Size

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Choosing style over comfort never ends up well. Finding and buying the correct size should be your topmost priority. Without that, you run the risk of looking scruffy and weird. Moreover, you’ll find it difficult to walk properly and look like you’re in a lot of discomfort. Even if you need to pay a little extra for the perfect fit, go for it. Despite how elegant looking and budget friendly a particular pair is, we advise not to purchase it if it’s not exactly your size.

Right Color

With the number of colors and their varieties gradually increasing, it can get a little tricky to choose the right color. The ‘right color’ isn’t just a shade that suits your complexion; a smart choice would be a color that compliments multiple garments in your wardrobe. To start with, you need to know your closet really well. Make a mental note of clothes you wear frequently, find out which colors dominate your wardrobe, and research about different color combinations.

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That being said, black, brown and their shades look the most classic and elegant, and are very versatile too. You can team these shades with majority of garbs in your wardrobe. Also, these colors fit perfectly in formal settings, making them very popular among professionals. Some funkier colors to try are grey and navy blue – they are modern, yet adaptable and conformist.

Right Comfort

Bear in mind that your shoes will be supporting your entire body weight for the whole day – hence, comfort is critical! Comfort includes right size, good-quality material, great soles and more. Shoes that aren’t well-made can make you feel sloppy and can also cause injuries.

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In this regard, a pair of Fellmonger handmade leather shoes online is an excellent investment. All our shoes are handcrafted by expert artisans using authentic, full-grain, calf-leather. The foot bed is breathable and supple, while the soles are made of lightweight rubber, ensuring superior comfort and grip. Inspired by the supremacy of Italian designs, we create handmade beauties that breathe out elegance and timeless grace.

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