4 Classic Style Choices That Sharpen a Gentleman’s Appearance

4 Classic Style Choices That Sharpen a Gentleman’s Appearance

Put some thought and effort into selecting and pairing your clothes. You’ll be rewarded not just with an attractive style, but you’ll also appear handsomer than you naturally look, drawing attention to your best features.

Unlike other beautiful creatures inhabiting the earth, we don’t have vibrant feathers or thick furs as ornamentations. For us, enhancing our looks is limited to choosing the right clothes and styling our hair neatly. Every item in our wardrobe, from clothes to accessories, impacts how the world perceives our physical features. Of course, it is crucial to be satisfied with the way you look.  But, there are several classic styling techniques that can greatly elevate your appearance, regardless of the ever-changing fashion trends. Let’s look at some of the options given below.

Glasses Complementing Your Face Shape

Whether its prescription glasses or shades to protect our eyes from the scorching sun rays, glasses are staple accessories in every man’s wardrobe. The idea is to highlight your good features while playing down others. This is achieved by selecting appropriate glasses that suit your face shape. The rule of thumb is to go for glasses opposite to your facial features. Meaning, if you have a large nose, big glasses must be avoided as your nose will appear bigger. Conversely, big glasses are perfect if you’re face is narrow or your nose is small.

Right Colors for Your Complexion

The shirt collar sits right next to your face. Hence, the color of your shirt is crucial in determining the attractiveness quotient of your face. Avoid colors very similar to your skin tone as well as ones that are highly contrasting. For example, if a brown-skinned person chooses a brown dress shirt, his face is likely to be less noticeable. Colors that closely resemble your complexion can make your skin look dull, while high-contrast colors can make pale-skinned men appear too striking.

Rise and Cuffs of Trousers

A proportionate physique with balanced top and bottom halves is always desirable. With the perfect rise, you can achieve a clean and well-proportioned look, hiding unequal torso and leg height. Rise is essentially the portion of trousers between the waistband and crotch. High-rise trousers sit above the natural waistline, elongating your legs. Hence, such pants are apt for gentlemen with shorter legs or longer torsos. Then again, if you’re tall with long limbs, mid-rise trousers are ideal. Another way to shorten long legs or add width to legs is by adding cuffs. The horizontal line they create reduces the height of legs.

Shoes that Boost Your Style

What you wear on your feet says a lot about you. In a survey, 81% British gentlemen mentioned footwear as the most significant item in their attire, while 85% admitted having disapprovingly judged men wearing poor shoes. Clearly, shoes are the most valuable wardrobe investment. Wrong footwear choice will ruin your impression while a classy pair can help you get noticed for all the right reasons. On that note – Fellmonger shoes never disappoint. Their handcrafted shoes online are characterized by top-tier leather, fine stitching, elegant Italian designs and time-honored artistry.

Slightly chiseled toes are recommended as they elongate your feet and legs. This exclusive range of hand painted patina shoes for men boast high comfort levels and help men create impressive style-statements.

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