4 Outdated Men’s Shoes You Should Never Own

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Good shoes not only help make a memorable first impression, they also help hide other imperfections in your appearance. For example, you might be in the mood to wear basic clothes like a plain, cotton tee and comfy, old denims, but obviously you don’t want to look scruffy. The moment you put on great shoes with these casual pieces, like designer leather sneakers, you look chic!

Hence, apart from comfort and feel, the look and design of your shoes are also central to your image. Correct shoes will brighten your appearance, whereas a wrong pair will mar your classy ensemble. Hence, to keep you guarded against wrong footwear choices in our present fashion-driven society, we have put down 4 Men’s Shoe Styles to Avoid:

Pointed Shoes:

Shoes that are so pointed and sharp that they could chop vegetables are not for your feet! They look clown-like and tacky. Slightly sharp toes look refined, but you need to understand where to draw the line. Go through our collection of handmade leather shoes to understand the right kind of toe-shape that is in trend.

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Square-toed Shoes:

Square-toed footwear are unpopular everywhere, yet you’ll spot many enterprising gentlemen sporting square-toed formal footwear. They look so blunt, and they spoil the charm of well-tailored suits. You should definitely avoid these shoes for social occasions like weddings, parties and receptions, and workplace events too – because you wouldn’t want people to remember you for the fashion disaster you made! To be noticed in significant events you should wear handmade leather brogues or monk strap shoes.

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Ugg Boots:

Yes, once upon a time ugg boots were big! They even got featured in Paris fashion week. But, it’s the fashion world – here trends change way faster than items lose their utility. In our times, ugg boots have fallen way below the high ranks of fashion. So, even though you love the warmth, comfort and superior grip that ugg boots offer, we have to warn you against stepping out in these boots as every passerby will oddly check out your feet. Today, minimalist styles are ruling the fashion world. So, you must go for simple and sturdy ankle leather boots for men.

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Sandal Shoes:

Sandal shoes became popular for hiking activities a few years back. But these shoes make your feet look rather ugly with all kinds of outfits. Even if you are going for an adventure trip in difficult terrains, opt for other shoes with good grip and feel, such as trekking shoes and hiking boots.

Monk straps are cool leather shoes good to go with formals and casuals

Keeping up with trend is important to move forward in life. As fashion legend Edith Head puts it: ‘’you can have anything in life if you dress for it.’’ So, remain stylish, polished and relaxed in Fellmonger designer shoes online. We don’t compromise with trend or comfort. All our products bring together authentic leather, best designs and great cradftsmanship.

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