4 Types of Shoe Styles You Need to Buy NOW!

4 Types of Shoe Styles You Need to Buy NOW!

Did you know? Shoes are the first thing that people notice in you. No more are shoes considered inferior or treated as the very last piece of the ensemble. Instead, they are now a matter of relevance and ranks high on style parameters.

Irrespective of your budget or style, below, we’ve handpicked some of our favorite must-have shoes to have in your closet. No matter where you are going or what you are wearing, these essential shoe options need to be cherished for life!


If you are looking for a classic pair of closed-laced school shoes, Black Oxfords fit the bill. Be it weddings, job interviews or weekend brunches, a shiny pair of Oxfords would never let you down. It’s often perceived as the ‘professional shoes’. Though it may appear to be a tad bit boring, if you are in a job that needs regular smart attire options, try these handcrafted leather shoes.

Tracing the history, Oxfords first appeared in the lowlands of Ireland and Scotland. However, they were later named after Oxford University students rebelled against crude ankle-high boots.


Cousin of our beloved Oxfords, the derbies are the ‘in-between shoes’ and have a loyal supporter base. Smart casual is the style of derbies. They can easily sharpen up your look, irrespective of whether you are wearing a pair of raw denim or a pinstriped suit.

The main point of difference with Oxfords is in the construction; while Oxfords feature close lacing, derbies go for open lacing. Plus, the sole is another key point of highlight. The soles of these designer shoes can be of leather or rubber for durability and firm grip. Either way, they are all Goodyear welted.

Leather Slip Ons

A quaint combination of penny and tassel loafers mens India, leather slip ons boast of an American heritage. Undeniably, they are dressier and super comfortable in terms of footwear. Loosely inspired from rustic Norwegian farm shoes, they radiate preppy vibes.

Classic chinos are best paired with leather slip ons. For a laidback feel, it’s acceptable to don them with no-socks – yes, sans socks trend is extremely popular of late. With these leather slip ons for men, you get to join the bandwagon.


In news since the 14th century, Espadrilles are one of the oldest shoe styles doing rounds. The term is French but the origins can be traced to Greece. The word, ‘espadrilles’ is derived from ‘esparto’, which is a Greek name for a sturdy grass type found in the Mediterranean region  used to create baskets, rugs, rope and plaited soles. You will easily find such footwear in all over Southern Europe at dirt cheap prices; however, the designer versions are gaining ground as well.

Espadrilles are ideal for travelling. They are durable and versatile. Plus, the best part about them is that they go well with chinos, linen, light jeans and shorts.

A style tip: Never wear espadrilles with socks!


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