4 Ways to Always to Look Dapper in Loafers

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Loafers may seem too preppy for your taste, or too difficult to pull off. But as a matter of fact, loafers are highly stylish and resourceful items of men’s footwear – they can get you through weekend festivities as well as classy formal events with effortless elegance. Intrigued? Let us guide you through a few dos and don’ts, so you can always look eye-catching in these overly comfy slip-on shoes!

Casual vs. Dressy

Loafers are that magical something that transform ordinary clothes into a statement-making ensemble! And except for basketball shorts, they look dashing with most things, like denims and tee, or chinos and dress shirt. But the style of loafer plays a crucial role here. Casual loafers are typically the ones made using suede and often feature more than a single color. Dress loafers, on the other hand, are made of leather and can be dressed both up and down. But casual loafers can’t be dressed up easily. Keeping that in mind, here are some amazing handmade loafers online – they can be scaled up or down as per the occasion.


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Form-fitting is the way to go

Loafer shoes are sleek and minimalist in their design. Hence, they are best complemented by form-fitting garments – we’re talking tailored suits, and slim, modern, tapered fits. Top-wear has some room for experimentation – you can don boxy, loose or slim-fitted shirt – but your bottom-wear needs to have a fitted structure to look aesthetically pleasing with leather loafers. Look for tassel loafers men’s india to go with all sorts of classy, tailored garments.

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Socks or sans socks

Sans-sock look is easier to pull off and definitely more popular. But, loafers should never be worn barefoot – so always put on no-show socks before slipping into these laid-back shoes. Such socks will stay hidden so your look isn’t affected, at the same time they protect your feet from blisters and bad odor. In case, you want to avoid socks altogether, allow your shoes to dry every alternate day or use a foot powder.

driving loafers for men india

Socks with loafers can be very attractive too, just that the look requires more thought. Your socks will be noticed more than with other shoes – so keep your socks simple. Subtle, solid shades never spoil the look. You can also wear patterned socks and bold colors, just that the look needs to be well thought out and carried with confidence!

Rocking business casuals in loafers

Loafers look very stylish with business casuals. But somehow these shoes with roots in casual dressing don’t fit into work environment. Hence, formal office getups are off-limits for loafers. However, these shoes look stunning in formal settings outside workplace, so you can style in these shoes for formal dinners and parties.


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Next time you come across a beautiful pair of loafers and are faced with ‘’can I carry these shoes?’’ moment, know that you can! You know the basic rules; just let your style ideas on loafer grow naturally! And do check out our collection of driving loafers for men india. Being made of top-tier leather and lightweight rubber soles, they brighten your day with style and comfort.

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