5 Amazing Shoe Facts You Need to Know

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You all must know this by now – for us, shoes mean life! Our world revolves around designing and creating handmade leather shoes. And since you’re here, you definitely feel the same kind of love for shoes! Don’t you?!

To kick-start the New Year with renewed love for shoes, we’ve written an article on some amazing facts about the most beautiful fashion item in this world! They remind us how marvellous and intriguing the journey of shoes has been!

Men first popularized HEELS!

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High heeled shoes were first designed for men to aid horseback riding. Soldiers of the Persian army went to battles wearing heeled riding boots because such shoes provided better balance and helped them hold on to their stirrups during intense fights. As the Persian Empire extended and their influence spread to different corners of Europe, high heels became a symbol of high society. Upper class men wore heeled footwear to exhibit their privileged status. Later on, the trend of wearing heels spread like wild fire in women’s fashion, and ultimately got labelled as a feminine style!

Shoes can help you be sneaky!

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Do you know that your favourite pair of sneakers would be called “sneaks” in the 1800s? Yes, shoes with rubber soles were first manufactured in the late 1800s, which made movements absolutely noiseless and stealthy. Hence, these shoes were named “sneaks”, which was later replaced by the term “sneakers’’.

Originally, elastic-sided boots were designed for a queen!

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Elastic-sided boots look super cool and are so hassle-free to wear! However, this trendy and urbane style of boots is actually pretty ancient. Famous London shoemaker Joseph Sparkes Hall invented this progressive boot design in 1837 to overcome the hassles of fastening laces and buttons. He presented it to Queen Victoria of England the year she ascended the throne. Moreover, the boots were patented in 1840 as the first shoes ever with elastic detailing.

In ancient times, barleycorns were used for measuring shoe sizes!

It is interesting how before the modern measurement system came together; people used strange objects and actions to take measurements. Take for example the case of standardizing units of measurements for footwear industry in old England. The humble barleycorn was selected as a basis for measuring shoe sizes. King Edward in 1324 passed a royal decree stating that three round and dry seeds of barley were equivalent to an inch. Even now, the ‘’barleycorn’’ system is prevalent in UK.

Dreams about shoes reveal your approach towards life!

According to dream experts, a person who dreams that he is without shoes is likely to be carefree by nature in real life, and may also be lacking in wealth and other resources. On the other hand, a person who wears shoes in his dreams is humble and well-grounded. Dreaming about changing your shoes signifies a major life change, which can be in your career or relationship. And if you found lost shoes in your dream then it’s likely you’ll find your way back on the right track (if you’ve strayed!).

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