5 Simple Hacks for Young Men to Dress Sharper

5 Simple Hacks for Young Men to Dress Sharper

‘’Dress how you want to be addressed’’

It may seem shallow, but the reality is that a man is judged as soon as he is noticed. A young gentleman who dresses sharply compels people to admire his presence and ideas. Dressing sharp has many advantages; an immediate psychological effect is that it boosts your self-confidence and self-respect. Dressing well is an essential step of developing a strong image. A gentleman wearing clean, smart clothes shows maturity and motivation and always draws positive attention. Hence, to have a powerful image you need to get into the habit of looking your best all the time.

Before we share some simple and life-changing hacks to help you dress sharper, let’s understand what dressing sharp really means.

  1. Wearing fitted, clean clothes: Dressing sharply doesn’t mean young men need to wear suits and blazers every day. It means wearing neat, well-fitted clothes that’s free from stains and tears; especially in your workplace. Clothes that are extra large or too tight look odd. Do some research and try on different sizes to understand your fit properly. Well-fitted clothes actually fell more comfortable than loose garments and look very elegant too.
  2. Being aware of individual style: We all have different builds and body types. The clothes you admire on your friend might not suit you. It is vital to find out what suits your physical appearance and best expresses your personality. Develop your own style keeping in mind your hair, skin tone, wallet, etc.; there’s no need to always follow current trends.
  3. Using classic style to your advantage: Some clothes and styles are timeless, like a crisp white shirt and solid blue trousers. Classics are those items in your wardrobe that remain appealing in a world full of changing fashion trends.

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5 Quick Style Hacks:

  1. Build a Minimalist Wardrobe: A solid wardrobe is founded on clothes that are used extensively. It’s always better to own a few handpicked items that you wear frequently than to pile up clothes that you never seem to find an occasion to wear. That’s wear minimalist clothes come in. These clothes are simple and generally of neutral colors like grays, blues, whites, beiges and blacks. When done right, a minimalist style looks downright polished and is very versatile.
  2. Tuck in Your Shirt: Tucked in shirts look so much more sophisticated! Especially if you’re a man of small stature, you must always tuck in your shirts/polo tees for a leaner silhouette.
  3. Well-groomed hair: To look your absolute best you need to schedule regular haircuts. On an important occasion, your unruly mop will make you look scruffy, no matter your great choice of clothes.
  4. Learn to Dress Faster: You need to develop a habit of dressing well in a short time. This is good for your confidence and ensures a smart appearance on a daily basis, even when you’re rushed. If you have regular classes or office, it’s helpful to lay out your clothes the previous night.
  5. Wear High-quality Footwear: Simply put, bad shoes will kill your style. Shoes reflect your taste more than anything else in your appearance. While clothes can be simple, shoes always need to be polished and expensive. Think of them like an investment, because good-quality shoes will last for years and years. For dress shoes, always opt for the Goodyear welt as it is a hallmark of superior craftsmanship and unparalleled comfort and class.


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