A Quick Guide to Choose the Best Men’s Leather Shoes

A Quick Guide to Choose the Best Men’s Leather Shoes

Shoes boost confidence; they enhance men’s enigmatic appeal and make them look outstanding. With the right shoes, they feel a certain level of comfort, thus exude heightened self-confidence. Even if you are not fond of classic fashion, it is advisable to don a pair of decent handmade shoes for men to impress the people and cast a lasting impression.

Here are a set of tips and guidelines that may help you pick the best luxury mens shoes online:

The Right Material Matters the Most

Not all leather can be labeled as good quality leather; initially, the leather can be classified by the external appearance or the grain of the leather shoes. The material of the shoes is important to take care of.


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Below, we’ve highlighted specific characteristics of the different types of leather:

Full Grain Leather – They are mostly natural and come in a more textured form. Why? Because this type of leather is derived from an animal that is neither buffed nor sanded.

Corrected Grain Leather – They undergo a certain level of processing to conceal the imperfections and unlike full grain, they fail to let the leather breathe.

The Shoe Style that Suits You

Picking a style that looks perfect on you is as easy as pie – provided you know what to look for! Below, we have narrowed down a few of the best shoe styles:

Calfskin – Seeking a combination of class and durability? This is your best bet.


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Rough-out – With a soft, textured surface, they offer high durability and style. As they don’t need regular polishing, they are a hot favorite amongst military men.

Scotch-grain – Blessed with an incredible design and weather resistant attribute, they are one of the best dress shoes to add-in in your shoe closet.

Shell-cordovan – Though rare to find, they are most sought after for their high quality. Horsehide is the material used in these shoes and it makes them last a lifetime.

Choose the Right Sole

Guess, which part of your shoes for men faces the maximum wear and tear? Shoe soles, of course. They face the ground and withstand depletion like no other. Hence, they must be long-lasting and fairly tough and durable – without compromising the comfort element.

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Rubber Sole – Marrying comfort and cost-effectiveness, rubber sole has earned a place in every shoe aficionado’s shoe wardrobe. It is easy to wear; however, if you are planning to wear it for a longer duration, you might feel discomfort – because the rubber sole fails to imbibe the natural curves of your feet.

Leather Sole – Durable and comfortable, the leather sole possesses the ability to mirror the natural shape of your feet. This ensures the longevity of the shoe and a good life.

The Color Game

Colors play a dominating role in amping up your looks; though most of the gents stick to neutrals clubbed with basic black and brown, there are few who go beyond the clichés and experiment. If you follow the latter tribe, then you can check out our offbeat shoe collection here:

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Otherwise, black is an eternal favorite followed by brown. Men of all age can don these colors and grab instant recognition. 


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