A Real Man Has These 4 Shoe Types In His Closet

A Real Man Has These 4 Shoe Types In His Closet

It is often stereotyped that only women like to increase their collection of shoes, but that is no longer the truth. However, if you are a thrill seeker who has the courage to start a heated argument with your girlfriend, then go ahead and try this –

Pick up any shoe from her collection, and ask her when she wore it the last time. You will find that she nearly has 16 pairs of different types of shoes, most of which they have never worn, yet all of them somehow dearly important to them.

Men like to differ in this section they are more practical in their shoe selection. And the perfectly dressed gent never worries himself about with too many pairs of shoes.

Here we have a list of most practical formal shoes for men that must be in your closet. These styles will have you covered in every occasion. However, we are in no way saying that men must only limit themselves to these few shoe types, but they do make for a solid base to your wardrobe.

The Brogue

The Brogue:

Like most other dress shoes, the Brogue was also conceived as a shoe with a utilitarian functionality. The perforations and holes in the Brogue were originally made to help water get drained if the wearer crossed swamps and bogs to give his feet and shoes a workout in the muddy regions of Ireland.

And so, led to the conception of this unique design which will help you stay clean in the knee-deep muck when wearing them. But for the sake of style and versatility, we would recommend going slightly off the charts with a half Brogue! While a perforated toecap can be there try to avoid the wings.

When it comes to colour it is safe to opt for the darker shades of brown in case of formal occasions and the lighter Brogues for the casual days. While black brogues look too good with a suit, but it is best to stay off from wearing them to a high-profile black tie event. But when buying brogues there is just one rule of thumb to keep note of – the more broguing on the shoe the less formal it will get.

The Leather Boot

The Leather Boot:

It is impossible to pinpoint a particular style of men’s leather boot, which is a must-have for all wardrobes. The range of high ankle boots is so diverse that one may get addicted to buying these boots, and turn into a total boot-o-holic.

There are only a few shoes that can convey the personality as much as the leather boot itself. Another amazing thing about the leather boot is that with time, upon continuous wearing the boots begin to tell a story. A well-worn pair of creased and tainted leather boots brings about a unique character on their own.

The Suede Chukka:

Over the recent few years, Chukkas have surged back in immense popularity. They first arrived in the market in the 1940s. This shoe is minimal, round toe and high ankle boot with just two panels, along with just two or three lacing eyelets. However, the style is not too big on embellishments. These are the most common types of designer shoes for men.

It is advisable to reject the over-the-top trimmings and with a suede pair of chukkas allows the texture of the shoe do the talking.

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The Loafer

The Loafer:

This shoe is originally derived from Scandinavian origins, but has now transformed into a sartorial styling of preppy culture, which is presently a streamlined shoe style an almost must have for every man’s closet.

Smart casual dresses consist of loafers as the mainstay – they are low and lace-free which makes them a hot favourite for summer months.

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