An ABC of Men’s Office Style

An ABC of Men’s Office Style

You might not be very passionate about fashion, yet dressing neatly for office is essential. It helps express professionalism. Especially, if your life involves spending a chunk of your day in a corporate building, you’ll eventually have to pay attention to your work wardrobe.

In this article, style advice from leading menswear authorities has been combined to help build a functioning wardrobe, without having to exhaust half your pay cheque. From basics to the fine points that make big differences, we have charted down the secrets to a modern-day, smart office look!

Begin at the bottom

‘’Good shoes take you good places.’’

High quality handmade formal shoes are worthy investments. But the style to go for entirely depends on the kind of profession you’re in.  For example, in conservative occupations, like in courtrooms and banks, polished, black Oxford shoes are indispensable. Except for these traditional roles, other professionals have plenty of options.

Key styles:

Classics never go out of fashion. That being said, the Oxford shoe is a timeless dress shoe that’s not only a safe option, but also provides more character and respectability to your office attire.

Nowadays, most office environments have become more casual. For such jobs, we require something that’s a mixture of dressy and casual. High quality leather footwear like brogues, loafers, monk straps and ankle boots sit in between formal and laid-back fashion. They help you look polished, but at the same time send out the signal that you’re fashion-conscious!

Fellmonger offers a great collection of such modern classics. Check out our new collection of hand painted patina shoes online. These shoes are crafted with the finest quality, full-grain leather and designs from high-fashion streets!

Material and Colours:

If you’re taking the first baby steps towards shaping a fantastic work wardrobe, we suggest only two colours – black and brown. Other good colours to try later are tan, navy blue and oxblood burgundy.

If you prefer making an investment that’ll last for decades, then we recommend buying goodyear welted shoes online. Shoes with Goodyear welt have an extra layer of leather attaching the sole with the upper. Shoes made this way are extremely sturdy and long-lasting. With proper care, they can endure all the stressors thrown at them on a daily basis. Moreover, they are water-resistant and easy to repair.

Full-grain calf leather shoes, like Fellmonger handmade leather shoes, look natural and suitable for a variety of occasions. They are fit for office, weddings and other formal events, and can also be combined with denims for a dressed down appearance.

Trousers for Workplace:

You probably don’t have to wear suits regularly. In that case, cotton chinos with a tapered fit are great basics. They are super comfy and look really smart! Dark coloured regular fit or slim fit denims look excellent with formal shirts. For chinos, navy and beige are nice colours, while for denims dark grey, black and shades of blue look best.

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Basic Shirts:        

Shades of blue and white are perfect for beginners. Later, you can experiment with more colours and patterns. Among all the trendy patterns, checks in subtle shades create an elegant office-look.

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The fitting of shirt is crucial. To avoid a sloppy look, ensure the shoulders and waist of shirt fit properly.

A strong basic wardrobe will help you create a number of attractive outfits. With two pairs of good shoes, around three pairs of trousers and a handful of cotton shirts, you are set to appear well-dressed at work all year round!

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