An Illustrated Guide To Be The Perfect Shoe Owner

POSTS POSTED ONMAY 26, 2017EDIT "KEEPING UP WITH YOUR SHOE SHOPPING EXPECTATIONS" Keeping Up With Your Shoe Shopping Expectations Keeping Up With Your Shoe Shopping Expectations I recently had a comfortable ride home in a taxi, such experiences are becoming very rare these days. This man was a friendly bloke who had hopes to be a professional footballer during his early years of the 70s. So, him and me got to chatting and he asked what I do for a living. So, I answered him that I design and deal shoes. Soon, he began to tell me how much he appreciates a quality shoe and once he had bought himself a nice pair that he absolutely cherished from a name brand famous in the 60s. He had collected and saved money from playing local club matches and doing some jobs here and there and decided to treat himself with a shoe worth INR 150, which in those days was a lot of money! But these days one can barely even hope to get a quality sandal pair with 150 from a factory, let alone a proper quality shoe and that too handmade. Also read: The Best Way to Dress in Brown Shoes Talking to this friendly stranger and from my own experience of reading comments about the shoe prices in several forums got me to think about the expectations of the buyers. It seems with the value of things going up due to the economic effects, the expectations of the people has also increased exponentially. Now they desire to get gold for the price of copper and so on. Is it because of false marketing [practices or crazy ads and promotional offers from sub-quality dealers or something else, but there is something that has a give in this trend. Also read: The Best Way to Dress in Brown Shoes But as I have been in the industry for some years now and have had the scope to look at things from a perspective of inside out, I really know the stark realities of how things work from within. These things I had no idea of, before I was a part of this community of shoe designers and sellers. BLACK DOUBLE MONK ELEVATOR BLACK DOUBLE MONK ELEVATOR– the most value for money shoes we have at Fellmonger! TAN SUEDE WINGTIPTAN SUEDE WINGTIP – Best quality you can get for this price! Here is an infographic that will help you understand the portions of hide from which you can get the best leather cuts: To end on a conclusive note, this is not a blog where we try to rant about why consumers will forever haggle and try get things for the price of nothing. That has always been the human nature. But here is a funny thing about shoes, they have been forever in time a product that people will have to spend on and is also an item that people do complain about and are never satisfied. Also read: The Secret To The Perfect Valentine’s Day Dinner Etiquette For Men While the prices of everything has gone up it is evident that they will for the basic luxury of shoes as well. As a smart buyer you must realize that you cannot get perfection for the bottom rupee, and this is a vicious spiral of thought process that will wreak havoc on your feet! So, manage your buying expectations at the right spot and be patient for the emergent custom-made shoes online revolution! Get the bang for your buck at Fellmonger, the specialty e-store for designer shoes for men! POSTED ONMAY 26, 2017EDIT "HOW TO WEAR DOUBLE MONK STRAPS IN STYLE?" How To Wear Double Monk Straps in Style? How To Wear Double Monk Straps in Style? The most noticeable element in any man’s attire is actually his shoes. The sign of a true gentleman comes from his choice of shoes. Do not believe us? Then try out this simple social experiment – Most of the time you will find a few “professional” palm readers and astrologers, take a good look at you before you sit for your session of analysis and they pay very close attention to your feet. Does palm reading involve some foot-reading as well? Not really, they actually pay close attention to your style and choice of shoes and the way you take care of them. That actually reveals a lot more about a person’s character and personality than a few lines on your hands can! So, the next time you visit an astrologer, take a note of this… (This is in no way to offend people who believe or are involved in astrological practices and is simply the opinion of the writer; Fellmonger does not intend to ostracize astrology) Now that you understand how important shoes are in a man’s life, it is time to look down at your feet. Does it desperately need a fashionable boost of energy? Is it crying to be pulled back up in shape? Then try our double monk shoes from Fellmonger, and read our full guide on them… POSTED ONMAY 26, 2017EDIT "AN ILLUSTRATED GUIDE TO BE THE PERFECT SHOE OWNER" An Illustrated Guide To Be The Perfect Shoe Owner

Shoes, they are a prized possession that we take too much for granted these days. Imagine having to walk for miles barefoot under the scorching equatorial sun somewhere in Africa! Now aren’t you glad you have so many amazing pairs of shoes? But are you doing enough to keep them nice and shiny?

If not, then this is your chance to take some shoe notes. Check out our infographic below about shoe care. 

A man’s guide to dressing in perfect shoes!From Visually.

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