Behind the Art: Stylish Hand Painted Patina Shoes for Men

stylish hand painted patina shoes for men

The drive to broaden one’s skill set is common to all professions. The art of shoe making is no exception, so that once the basics of cutting, styling and fitting have been mastered, shoe makers work on the aesthetic appeal of shoes. Hand painted patina technique is one such method to beautify the look of handmade leather shoes, which also imparts more depth and uniqueness to the leather.

If you’re an admirer of luxury men’s shoes, it’s likely you’ve come across the term ‘patina finish’. Here we explain the nitty- gritty of hand painted patina technique– so let’s get down to exploring this sophisticated and timeless shoe art in detail!

Natural Patina

Shoe addicts will agree- there’s nothing more beautiful than a pair of well worn shoes, a pair that has been naturally burnished by time and continued care of wearer. Basically, patina is a glossy coating that forms on the surface of top-grade leather products over time. When good quality leather ages, as a natural mechanism to prevent wearing out, it absorbs body oils, conditioners and dirt from the air around and oxidizes them to develop a protective layer, which greatly enhances its appearance. Their color portrays beautiful contrasts and transparencies. This layer is a mark of its quality and durability, and is highly sought after!

handmade leather shoes 

Artificial Patina Development

Since ‘patina’ is so desirable, blue-chip shoe artists employ a combination of difficult procedures to replicate this aging formula artificially during construction of shoes. The superior the leather, the richer the final effect.

stylish handpainted shoes for men

At Fellmonger, dedicated shoe artists are constantly nurturing and perfecting traditional shoe-making skills. The beautiful patina that takes years to develop naturally is recreated with utmost care and enthusiasm in our collection of hand painted patina shoes for men. We must say that each pair is a unique piece of art; hence the pair you choose will perfectly resemble your individual style!

The Patina Process

Just like a painter experiments with his palette, a leather colorist plays with various essential oils, pigments and dyes on the shoe surface, which serves as a canvas. But before coloring, artists first prep the surface by patiently slathering oils and waxes for many hours. Then using their nimble fingers and a range of tools, like brushes, sponges and rags, colorists develop a stunning patina finish. The patina can be “tortured”- portraying color gradations, or “flamed”- with shining streaks, or “cloudy”- with smoky patterns.

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Different Styles of Patina:

Traditional Matte Patina: When shoes a given a matte patina finish, they emit a soft luster that looks very eye-catching, but doesn’t draw undue attention.

At Fellmonger’s online shoes collection, you’ll find newly launched hand painted wholecuts, which exude pure classiness through their chiseled, narrow shape and beautifully smooth surface. Adorned with tiny perforated decorations, these patina wholecuts will dominate attention in casual as well as glitzy parties.

handpainted patina shoes for men

Mirror Finish Patina: Mirror Finish Patina, also known as “Military Parade Shine”, has originated from military service where it was mandatory for servicemen to wear mirror-shine footwear. This patina style allows gentlemen to make a bold style-statement and is fitting for formal get-togethers too.

handpainted patina shoes online

On that note, when you’re spotted wearing Fellmonger’s stylish hand painted shoes for men, be sure to hear these words– refined, unique and exquisitely crafted!

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