To Break or Not to Break: 3 Fashion Norms That Are So Passé!!

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Agree or not, men follow style rules. They exist for all the right reasons. They are more like a safety net, especially for men who have a fleeting interest in fashion, which we absolutely understand: there are of course hundred other things of significance, beyond styling!

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Then what makes us break them? For one thing, most of these rules were invented years ago in a society, which is so passé now that they seem to be hardly relevant anymore. Admit it, style and sensibility of men changes with time – its better you know when to break the archaic rules and set new fashion standards to follow. Especially, if you want to stay ahead in the fashion-concerned curve.

Shirts should be tucked in, really?!!

“Tuck your shirt, lad.” How many times have you heard this piece of advice from your grandpa?? A lot, right? But do you think it’s worth following? Well, maybe it makes sense while wearing a suit for a formal event but there are enough arguments supporting no-shirt-tuck-in in less formal situations. At the same time, a tucked shirt hardly stays in its position. A little bending or lifting of arms can leave you with a hideous muffin-top. So, it’s better to be not so prudish about this whole affair of tucking in.

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Wear clothes that fit, not always!!

Since ages, we have been told that the right fit of clothes matters the most. But what does it actually mean? FYI, style is defined by three variables: fit, proportion and silhouette, but remember style is personal. A jacket that fits perfectly today might look ugly on you a decade later, because style changes and so do we. The key takeaway is that don’t give much importance to shape or sizes. Sometimes, an oversized tee looks rad on you, while a fitted denims may go blatant. Better, stay open to experiments with size and shape. Try a size too big and check how it looks.

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Double denim? Is it that bad?

No, not at all, if it’s properly styled. In 1951, Mr Bing Crosby, an American singer and actor was almost turned away from entering a Vancouver hotel on the pretext of wearing denims. When Levi Strauss & Co heard about the incident, they immediately designed a customized denim tuxedo only for Mr Crosby and gifted him in a Nevada event. Later, this very Canadian tuxedo garnered a lot of attention and came to be known as Double Denim. The trick to don this outfit is to pick two differently washed denims. Or else, to stay on a safer course, pick a white T shirt, a pair of denims and layer it with a Selvedge denim jacket to spell edgy look all around.

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