Top 6 Most Comfortable Travel Shoes for Men

Top 6 Most Comfortable Travel Shoes for Men

Shoes are an intrinsic travel companion. There are many cities in the world that are designed for pedestrian exploration; there, you have to walk miles after miles. Even if you are not into much walking, it’s always better to wear something comfortable on-the-go. It would surely turn a bother into a blessing. But, how do

4 Ways to Always to Look Dapper in Loafers

Loafers may seem too preppy for your taste, or too difficult to pull off. But as a matter of fact, loafers are highly stylish and resourceful items of men’s footwear – they can get you through weekend festivities as well as classy formal events with effortless elegance. Intrigued? Let us guide you through a few

Handmade Vs Machine-made: Benefits of Handmade Shoes

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All Fellmonger, handmade leather shoes are hand-stitched immaculately following time-honoured techniques. Here, traditional artisanal skills are married with contemporary styles, resulting in men’s footwear of the best pedigree. Our exclusive range of handmade shoes exhibits superior craftsmanship and a flawless attention to detail, lending the ultimate finishing touch to your smart getup! Inspecting a pair

5 Amazing Shoe Facts You Need to Know

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You all must know this by now – for us, shoes mean life! Our world revolves around designing and creating handmade leather shoes. And since you’re here, you definitely feel the same kind of love for shoes! Don’t you?! To kick-start the New Year with renewed love for shoes, we’ve written an article on some amazing