4 Ways to Always to Look Dapper in Loafers

Loafers may seem too preppy for your taste, or too difficult to pull off. But as a matter of fact, loafers are highly stylish and resourceful items of men’s footwear – they can get you through weekend festivities as well as classy formal events with effortless elegance. Intrigued? Let us guide you through a few

Handmade Vs Machine-made: Benefits of Handmade Shoes

handmade leather shoes 

All Fellmonger, handmade leather shoes are hand-stitched immaculately following time-honoured techniques. Here, traditional artisanal skills are married with contemporary styles, resulting in men’s footwear of the best pedigree. Our exclusive range of handmade shoes exhibits superior craftsmanship and a flawless attention to detail, lending the ultimate finishing touch to your smart getup! Inspecting a pair