How to Look Debonair in Leather Loafers for Men

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Without a doubt, loafers are the most fashionable shoes of our time. Refined in appearance and superior in comfort, loafers are here to stay. There are several reasons that make loafers the ultimate footwear choice for men. Firstly, they are minimalistic and secondly, they are extremely versatile. The easy and relaxed vibe of this shoe

History of Loafers: How a Farmer’s Shoe Became a Symbol of High-class Fashion

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A quintessential summer staple, loafer shoes online has evolved drastically over time. Originally built for English countryside farming class, reinvented by course Norwegian pragmatism, maneuvered through American consumerism and lastly styled by the fashion stalwarts of Italy, the history of loafers echoes long narratives of versatility, diverseness and adaptability. Having said that, the history of

Leather Care for Men’s Shoes 101

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Men are a sucker of all-things-leather! Wallets, bags, shoes, boots jackets – all look extra alluring when they are crafted of animal skin. The unique appeal of leather is not hard to understand. Besides being highly durable, the leather exudes a luxurious appeal, which makes it look darn good. However, irrespective of being tough as