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Monk strap usually doesn’t fall under a man’s style radar. But it should. Because these classic designer shoes, now available online, offer sartorial boldness and sharp, neat lines. They provide laid-back cool in casual settings and some interesting variation on traditional formal attire. They feature both single and double straps, but the finest ones are double monk elevator shoes, because they are second to none in terms of uniqueness and versatility!

When it comes to shoes, you know we love digging deep. So here are 5 cool facts, followed by some great style tips to get your love flowing for monk straps!

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Interesting Facts on Monk Straps:

Originated in Middle Ages:

As the name clearly suggests, monk straps were originally discovered and used by monks. Sandals proved problematic for certain aspects of their ascetic lifestyle, owing to which monks switched to wearing the ‘’monk’’ style shoes.

Being captivated by its effortless style, an Englishman in the Middle Ages brought back the design to England. Soon, the footwear of monks became a big hit throughout Europe.

A Classic of Italian Style:

Monk’s relaxed style perfectly syncs with Italy’s Mediterranean air and laid-back lifestyle – maybe that’s why the shoes are considered a classic of Italian style. In fact, incorporating monk shoes in your wardrobe instantly gives you a healthy dose of natural cool!

Bond Likes Monks:

The world’s most reputed secret agent is famous for flaunting great style even when facing life-threatening danger. Pierce Brosnan as well as Sean Connery sported monks in their 007 roles. Well, it’s understandable that chasing wicked villains call for some laceless elegance!

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Help Bring out Nonchalant Cool:

Today the most voguish look in men’s fashion is one that spells effortless class, is tasteful and subtle, and conveys a careless sense of cool. Double monk shoes online bring out this very essence and hence, need to be a key part of gentlemen’s dressing.

Back and Stable in the Fashion Grid:

Monk strap is dominating fashion consciousness. It might have slid off the grid for a while in the 80s and 90s, but currently it’s becoming a smashing hit with its sharp and relaxed sensibilities. Even collections by ace designers, like Alexander Mcqueen, include these unique men’s designer leather shoes.

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Style Combinations to Swear by:

For office: Chinos + white dress shirt + navy blazer/cardigan + brown double monk shoes

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For important events: Light blue dress shirt + navy blue trousers + double monk straps

Casual settings: Casual shirt/V-neck tee + blue denims + double monk straps

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Fun outings: Team your black leather jacket with black monk straps for a casual and chic look.

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All the above looks ensure that you appear unique and attractive. Coupled with confidence, these looks will definitely help you turn several heads! If you don’t yet own these beauties, it’s high time you get your hands on Fellmonger’s fantastically crafted double monk designer shoes, available online.

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