With Fellmonger Designer Shoes, Develop a Never-to-Forget Personal Style

handmade leather shoes 

Winter sales are ongoing everywhere. Especially to draw focus on the Fall-Winter collection.

Next to outfits, shoes lift up a person’s style. Saying that, new handmade shoe companies are opening in every little nook and cranny of our country these days. Today, the market for Goodyear-welted shoes is expanding its base, like never before. More and more patrons are looking for handmade designer shoes for men that would not only make them look decent but also score high in comfort. But of course, the shoes come at a price, which may not appear too much yet I can’t say inexpensive. Nevertheless, if you ask me, investing in a luxury pair of kicks that exudes the right vibes is always a good decision to make to fulfill ever-increasing sartorial pursuits.


Fortunately, I got an opportunity to lay my hands on Fellmonger’s Fall-Winter collection – namely Brushed Burgundy Monk Slipons – they are a true beauty for the eyes as well as feet. Chic and luxuriant, they emanate exquisiteness from every pore. The golden, glossy buckles are a sheer delight – they add a new dimension to an already elegant dress shoe, enhancing its style quotient further. Get them for your evening dinner dates, as well as for those formal evening presentations where you have to look your best. After all, they are classy to the max, yet super comfortable – which is a deadly not-to-miss type of combination!

Talking about the brand, Fellmonger is one of those brands that specialize in crafting majestic pieces of art by wielding the true mettle of artisans imported from various pockets of the world. My initial impression about their shoes was that of amazement, nothing but pure surprise! At such barely minimum prices, how can this brand offer such luxury pairs of mens shoes – that’s the first thing that hit my mind, but then I realized the essence of this brand. Bringing timeless pieces of shoes to India was the main objective of Gaurav Bhatia, the founder of Fellmonger. He envisioned gifting India a sliver of world class quality in leather shoes at the most reasonable price possible, which is in itself a superb idea to conceive.


To the above context, he was found saying, “I saw people paying handsome amounts for a pair of leather shoes. Some are just pleased by the look, some by the name of the brand, what they do not realize is that the shoes being bought are just severely over-priced. Moreover, the main concern is comfort. I see shoes as an investment rather than a buy.” He further added, “Transparency is the key that drives us at Fellmonger. We want to build trust and credibility with our customers and spread the word of Fellmonger, a leather brand that has arrived with a motive to offer India the luxury it deserves. We have something for everybody.”

All said, I’d like to say Fellmonger handmade shoes are a good value for the money. They are high on looks, as well as healthy on budget. Blessed with improved construction techniques, they keep you ahead in the rat-race of fashion. To check out the full collection, click here.


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