Five Movies That Will Make You a More Stylish Gentleman

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The New Year is still a month away, but it’s never too late to start planning which movies to binge watch this upcoming holiday season. No offence intended – of course you are charming, modish and extremely well-rounded, otherwise what on earth would you be doing on Fellmonger blog section?! Still, it’s never bad to improve your style sense a little more, and in respect to that we’ve charted down five-strong selection of movies that will not only entertain the ultra-mod, fashion-hungry needs in you but also teach you ample things about style, mannerisms and life.

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Catch Me If You Can

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 An excellent movie perfect for both men and women as well, CMIYC reflects a story about theft – but what really attracts viewers’ attention is its unique take on overall styles, dominating the 1960’s fashion itineraries. Though infused with a few examples of horrible fashion faux pas (like the sweater DiCaprio was wearing later at his party in the movie), the overall tone of the movie is effortlessly fashionable and high on glamour, glitz and glory (take a look at the charming pilot uniform along with the gorgeous ladies on the cover). The image speaks a thousand words, isn’t it?

Doctor Who

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While movie buffs may find out flaws in his acting in this new installment of Doctor Who, it’s next to impossible to find a glitch in his revised style – dapper pinstriped suit and trench coat looks super cool. Watch this movie to master on Being Geeky, without comprising on the style quotient. After all, geekiness can still look incredibly sexy, provided you pair the right apparels and accessories, just like Doctor Who.


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Similar to its previous rendition, the new version of Alfie is again an ode to a decent gentlemen-kind of fashion. The lead Alfie is somewhat obsessed about the way he looks and his sex appeal – it is one of those movies that can still be in vogue even after years of its release. The character building of Jude Law was flawless – right from his suits, scarves, shoes for men to his haircuts, glares and watches – everything is neat and fetching. Do watch it, if not for anything then for fashion.

Moulin Rogue

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This movie is a sure treat! It is wonderful in every single way – and a substantial part of appreciation is awarded to the detailed clothing – irrespective of men and women. The overall note of the movie is largely bohemian, natty and clever.

Reign Over Me

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Though a Box-office failure, Reign Over Me focuses on nothing but immaculate ‘professional urban’ style that dominates New York streets and similar city streets today. Urban fashion is the trending fad among today’s millennial generation. The main characters played by Don Cheadle and Adam Sandler are contemporary and uber stylish in their own ways – dark coats paired by vibrant shirts and ties featured in the movie looks radiant to the core, and we can’t agree more.

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