Goodyear Welted Shoe Construction: The Gold Standard in Shoemaking

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Shoemaking is an impeccable artwork. But unfortunately, it’s becoming a lost one. A large number of mass-produced trashy shoes held together with nothing but cheap rubber cement have started commanding the markets worldwide. Thanks to reasonable pricing and medium quality finish.

But a better way is there!

Irrespective of the prices, cheap shoes doesn’t last long.

After a couple of years, they start showing signs of degradation, and then you have to again go out on a shoe-hunting spree, resulting in more money outflow and double the effort.

Better invest in a high quality, well-constructed designer shoes online that will never fail you.

Since 1869, Goodyear welt shoe construction technique has been regarded as the Gold Standard in shoemaking. Though Blake welt and cementing shoe construction techniques are equally famous, Goodyear welt method is BOMB!

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Defining Goodyear Welt

To better understand the highly nuanced concept of Goodyear-welted shoemaking, first get aware with the following terms:

  • The Upper
  • The Insole
  • The Outsole
  • Welts
  • The Last

Fact: When constructing the shoes, the upper is tucked between the outsole and insole so as to sewn all the three layers together. In case of Goodyear welt, an additional piece of leather is used to tighten and secure the shoe to ensure better durability.

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Goodyear Welt: The Mechanism Behind

While the upper remains tucked in between the outsole and insole, a leather welt is set atop the fringe of the bottom outsole. Under the bottom of the insole, a vertical rib runs perpendicular throughout the exterior of the sole. The upper that is placed in between the soles runs across the rib and seats on top of the welt. Then, the welt is stitched through the upper, back and ribbed insole.

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Lastly, for Goodyear welted shoes, a final stitch is sewn that runs through the bottom sole and the welt. This elaborate stitching is visible along the length of the shoe, making these shoes very easy to spot in the wild.

The Pros and Cons Associated

Disadvantage only one: excellence costs more. Goodyear welted shoes are a bit costly as compared to the inferior shoes but they last far longer and are easier to resole. <claps>

Now talking about benefits, the list is relatively long. This is why most of the discerning shoppers prefer to seal their eyes on these pairs of perfection.  They not only last long but also make the shoes water-resistant. Also, as the welt prevents water from getting inside, it makes room for more air, highlighting the shoe’s breathable property.

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Designer Men’s Shoes are Best When Handmade

Men willing to pay for handmade leather shoes are more inclined towards Goodyear welted shoes. Fellmonger offers high end Goodyear welted shoes for men who have keen eye for the details. The shoes are hand-sewn by skilled craftsmen, while giving acute attention to the detail.

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