Guide to Pack Lighter and Smarter for All Kinds of Vacations

Guide to Pack Lighter and Smarter for All Kinds of Vacations

In your mind, you’re probably a packing ninja; but in reality you struggle till the last moment to pack a functional and stylish collection. Despite the effort and time you invest, in most cases you end up disappointed with your packing skills. On reaching your destination, you find that your clothes don’t go with the vibes at the location. Worse still, to insure against all possible situations, you end up including every type of garment you possess. The result: heavy luggage that is problematic to carry around and needs extra spending at the check-in desk. Phew!

Is it really that difficult to become an expert packer? Not really. The trick is to include multipurpose essentials that work for most types of locations and general touristy activities. They ensure you look stylish whether you’re around the pool or in a cool restaurant/club.

The City Break Look:

handmade leather shoes 

This look is best for short trips to sunny cities/towns or any summer holiday for that matter. Here we break down the look into different parts:

Bottomwear: It’s wise to carry one pair of shorts for comfort-wear when you’re relaxing at your resort/hotel and one pair of full-length, sharp-looking trousers. Denims are quite weighty and not packing-friendly. So a smart trick is to take a pair of chinos and wear your jeans on the go. Opt for the modern cropped length and relaxed-fit style in chinos, they are smart yet casual.

Up Top: T-shirts and hoodies don’t always create good outfits. Moreover, sweatshirts and hoodies take up a lot of space; instead you can include a chambray shirt. A chambray shirt can be worn alone, under a jacket or over a t-shirt as light layering. This is a clever way to cope with morning to night (or day to day) weather changes without carrying too many items. A space-saving and water-resistant alternative to thick woolens are shell jackets, which are practical and fashionable. Two pairs of t-shirts are good enough; the neck style can be polo or crew depending on your stature and personal taste. For an elegant look, go for monochrome tees, neutral colors or nautical stripes. For those who prefer shirts, swap one tee with a basic casual shirt.

handcrafted leather shoes

Travel-friendly Footwear: Lastly, but most importantly, you need shoes that promote the holiday spirit! In this regard, sneakers and loafers are indispensable. Tassel loafers are proper dress shoes with a laid-back and fun vibe; also they are convenient to slip on and off especially during security check. And we definitely can’t imagine the long hikes and explorations without a pair of comfy sneakers. Classic white sneakers are always in vogue. But you’ll turn heads if you sport handcrafted leather sneakers for men – they are sturdy and look hip. To check out some high-quality and sophisticated handmade men’s shoes in India, visit Fellmonger.


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