Handmade Vs Machine-made: Benefits of Handmade Shoes

handmade leather shoes 

All Fellmonger, handmade leather shoes are hand-stitched immaculately following time-honoured techniques. Here, traditional artisanal skills are married with contemporary styles, resulting in men’s footwear of the best pedigree. Our exclusive range of handmade shoes exhibits superior craftsmanship and a flawless attention to detail, lending the ultimate finishing touch to your smart getup! Inspecting a pair of Fellmonger shoes closely reveal how it has been sewn with love, passion and unshakeable devotion…The secret behind the supremely luxurious feel of our shoes is the prestigious Goodyear welted shoe construction and 100% natural calf leather.



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Besides offering timeless pieces like handmade leather brogues, derby shoes and oxfords, our latest collection boasts of more directional styles. For example, the Scotch Grain Loafer delivers the sturdiness and luxury of premium leather shoes coupled with trend elements like buckle and a rugged, grainy look.

Why is Handmade Leather Shoes Valued over Machine-made Footwear?

Although machine-made shoes are produced using cutting edge machineries and excellent techniques, most people still prefer handmade ones for some important reasons listed below:


Some key aspects that talented shoe craftsmen value and never compromise with are quality, comfort and style, whereas machine-made shoes produced in bulks are mostly about making higher profits. Also, machine-made footwear generally employs artificial materials that look appealing, but they mould your feet poorly and become unusable faster. On the contrary, most of the reputed handcrafted shoe manufacturers use only genuine hide, creating shoes beautiful inside and out! They keep feet in great shape, prevent bad odour and last for ages. Yes, you need to shell out some more money, but in return you’re rewarded with unlimited elegance and comfort.



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Experience of luxury:

Handcrafted shoes give wearers a feel of luxury, a taste of something that’s unique, exclusive and uncompromising. Fellmonger shoes employ robust materials for the upper, tongue, lining and sole. Hence, the shoes portray rich texture and great finishing that are trademarks of expensive products. Moreover, all our styles are modern, alive and classy! Overall, handmade footwear feels extremely enjoyable to walk in! They are for aesthetic men who have high regard for pieces of art – because that’s what premium handmade shoes actually are.

handmade leather shoes 

Superior Construction:

Machine-made shoes are the ones that are designed by shoe artists but are created by machines. On the other hand, handmade ones are entirely crafted by hand, starting from stitching to polishing. Handmade shoe creators allow sufficient resting time between two processes, so that the leather can breathe and the final product is perfect in terms of looks and fit. However, machine-made pieces are saturated with stiffeners to fasten the manufacturing process, which is obviously a compromise on quality.

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In short, machine-made shoes can never replace man-made ones! Machines are programmed to create faultless products, but they can’t understand the human feet as well as a fellow man can! So, sink your feet into the handmade arena and explore the latest styles of men’s designer shoes from Fellmonger.

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