Hello Spring: Footwear Choices to Swear By This Season

handmade leather shoe

The shoe choices in men’s fashion seem to be endless. But sadly in this fast-paced world, no one has the extra time in their hands to go scouring through countless counters in department stores. Here we have culled down a few trusty pairs of best casual shoes for men to help you navigate through an array of social and formal situations.


Pretty Loafers

A saying goes by, “You can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the morning.” When the weather turns favorably pleasant, everyday bears a potential to be a drinking day, but the real battle starts when we sit and think what to wear for a casual day out. The choice should be comfortable AF as well as easy-going. It has to be capable of withstanding everything and beer puddles – just remember that. If you are unsure about which shoe to don, go safe with laying your hands on a typical loafers shoes for men from Fellmonger. They are a great place to start.

With the onset of warm weather, it becomes imperative to keep the look of the day subtle and classy as much as possible. For sure, being casual and classy would be the tagline of the day. One of the best ways would be to stick to a pair of clean, tan tassel loafers – the muted shade would be perfect for hot summer days, while the fit ensures a certain élan and sophistication unlimited. Another classic option is to pick a pair of nifty brogues shoes online.


Lightweight Sneakers

Versatility is the key. Indian summer is synonymous with rough, dry weather. With this in mind, the footwear has to be suitable for such weather conditions. Men’s leather sneakers scores high when it comes to style and sensibility – a pair of these shoes would be a top choice for anyone who prefers quality support and long walks in comfort and style.

In addition, the suave look and crisp leather texture are bonus points to consider. After all, no one likes a heavy, thick upper-material that would make your shoes look like a grumpy box of cardboard. Always, look for shoes that come with breathable, high-quality leather that supports all kind of attire options and suits a multitude of colors.


All-season Boots

In India, frequent spells of rainfall is common during summer. Soppy wet shoes become the order of the day. And the feel of wearing such shoes for an entire day is in itself an excruciating thought to consider! But, at times there isn’t any option left – but as its said, when one door closes, the other opens, Fellmonger brown men’s ankle boots is like that other door that can always be trusted.

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