Here’s How to Deck Up but In a True Italian Way

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A lot of things can be broken – a mirror, a glass, a vase, a heart, a dream. Even though, there are few things that are beyond the breakable thread – a well-tailored suit is definitely one of them.

For Americans and Brits, nothing can beat a quintessential suit. The roots of this traditional mentality can be traced back to the Victorian era or even earlier than that, when the only garment to look dapper and sophisticated used to be suits. Be it business meetings, Sunday mass or special ceremonies, every occasion had only one outfit answer and that is a suit.

However, on the other hand, Italians adore wearing suits but during leisure time or for extremely formal occasions. Being an Italian, dressing is fun. They don’t mind to play with colors or clothing options; they derive immense pleasure by mix and matching suits tops and bottoms of different suits with one another – so why not take some inspiration from their ever-cheerful wardrobe goals and awaken the fashion-hungry soul within you!

Keep the color game strong

You might have noticed that the best attires flirts the most with vibrant color combinations. Sometimes, you have to train your eyes to observe which shade of blue suits the brown in shoes – because we all know that ‘everything lies in the details’.  You can never practically pull off a pair of drab grey suit with a funky green shoe; it will look horrible.

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Intelligent mix of fabrics

Can you throw a cream linen suit with a sports jacket and call it a day?! The answer is NO. But that doesn’t mean you can never mix fabrics – depending on the season and your mood of course, you can play with fabrics. For example, cotton and linen strikes a beautiful chord during spring and summer, while silk and wool weaves magic during fall and winter.

Contrasting looks score high

If you are keen to break your look, don’t settle for a blue suit with a pair of blue pants and shoes. Never select two shades that are way too similar, it would scream of too much monotony. Also, never choose two textures that resemble each other – pick bold contrasting shades that will present you as a super-confident man who doesn’t feel intimidated to experiment.

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The right fit is crucial

Ill-fit clothes are the biggest turn-downs. Go for tailored attires, but draw clear lines between regular, slim cut and classic fit – otherwise no one can stop you from looking just like your older bro.

Shoes are reflection of your personality

Lastly, select an exquisite pair of shoes for men – shoes either makes or breaks a look completely. So, beware!! Fellmonger is the right destination for all your footwear needs – each of the designer handmade shoes boasts of a multitude of colors, brogues-and-non-brogues pattern and versatile style options. It is believed that the most noticeable ensemble item on a man is his shoes – and it needs to be extremely on-point and in-trend.

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With Fellmonger, merge timeless craftsmanship with unique design ideas. Make this your next stop to slay like a true Italian!

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