Hey Patrons! Celebrate Eid 2017 with Fellmonger Handmade Designer Shoes Online

Hey Patrons! Celebrate Eid This Year with Fellmonger Custom Made Shoes Online

Eid Mubarak is just round the corner and we are a step closer to brush up our sagacious sartorialists’ skills and talent so that nothing looks like an overdose!

Eid is the culmination of the holy month of Ramazan. After a stringent month dedicated to obligatory prayer, more charity, use of less abusive lingos and sheer restraint and abstinence, it is  time to wake up to lip smacking food, endless festivities and lots of presents. After fasting for around 30 days, respectfully, right from the crack of dawn to the setting of the sun, devotees finally break their fast by exchanging gifts, donating to the needy, digging in a platter of Nargisi Kofta and indulging in all the good things that life promises of.

As Eid is the perfect occasion to gift your near and dear ones, how about presenting a perfect pair of handmade shoes online India! Fellmonger mens designer shoes are irresistible, classic with a dash of modern eccentricity and the order of the day. Fashion-forward men really appreciate the unique designs and immaculate craftsmanship observed by the notable Desi shoe brand and always look forward to grab a pair or two. Take the cue from them and slay in the festive season like a pro!

FESTIVALS in India always call for FOOD, FASHION and FUN. All the F words in one place, interesting! And to spice it up, Fellmonger also starts with an F, blimey!!! Isn’t that awsesome! So, this Eid, gift your Family and Friends an exquisite pair of happiness, in the facade of Fellmonger shoes for men. You can peruse through our rich collection either from the comfort of your home or by physically visiting our store in Delhi. We will always be happy to serve you!

Throughout the holy month, the streets are full of people gorging on sumptuous platters at cafes, restaurants and quaint eateries. A mood of celebration is in the air and an overall feeling of contentedness is highly tangible around. In this scenario, a little bit splurging on a good pair of leather shoes for men won’t hurt at all! So, explore our nifty collection of men’s footwear and have it delivered right at your footstep! Go ahead and celebrate Eid 2017 with snazzy footwear exuding class, comfort and style!

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