How Men’s Shoes Online Make or Break a Look: The Survey Says It All

How Men’s Shoes Online Make or Break a Look: The Survey Says It All

Do you judge people based on their choice of footwear? Several studies have revealed that people fabricate opinions about people by taking one good look at their shoes.

In a men’s ensemble, leather shoes for men play a dominant role.  However, to fathom how much important it is to wear a nice pair of footwear and do shoes really make or break a look, we went on performing a survey on 1000 customers, mostly men.

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81% of our respondents regard footwear to be an essential aspect of a man’s attire. Today, we are surrounded by fashion everywhere. However, we must understand that though fashion and style are synonymous, they share a thin line of difference. While style is timeless and close to heart, fashion is trend-driven and often based on what other people thinks. With the influx of social media channels, celebrities, bloggers and much hyped-street style, how do today’s contemporary men prefer to dress to impress?

We popped the question – in which situation is it most vital for a man to wear good quality footwear? And the set of answers we received reflected that 36% said that men’s shoes online mattered very much on a first date. This revelation was followed by interviews, which received 22% of the votes. On the other hand, a dinner with your partner sustained only 5% of the votes – so from all this, you can see that to make a lasting first impression, wearing a sophisticated pair of leather shoes for men is a sure-shot necessity.

The survey says – 46% of our respondents prefer men’s black brogues as they not only accentuates the overall look of a man but also makes them feel uber comfortable. Next to brogues, Oxford shoes with 22% of the votes are a popular choice of dress shoes to win any lady’s heart. Brogues and oxfords are the oldest classic shoes that ruled the world and the heart of the people for years. As of today, they are still winning the smiles of the wearers, thanks to their flawless charm and aura! Modern men, who swears by fashion and trend clearly defines that their loyalty still lies with the genre of timeless shoes, which were once worn by the aristocrats and noblemen, only. Casual clobbers, like loafers, boat shoes and trainers couldn’t make much an impression, as they failed to ensure the same sense of confidence to the men as their notable counterparts did.

Paying attention to the details earns you points! Because, the next segment talks about how a huge 90% of the respondents agreed that if a man fails to give importance to his shoes, it indicated that he might not pay enough attention to anything else, which surely is a negative sign.

Here, a majority of 89% of voters said – to smarten up any outfit, you need to invest in a good pair of footwear. Shoes are the simplest way to pep your entire look!

What is it with women and shoes? For ages, they have shared a special relationship. Now, when it comes to footwear of opposite sex, a massive 83% raised their hands when asked – does women pays more attention to men’s footwear than men do.

To draw a formal closure, shoes really make the man. So, tomorrow when you step out of your house, dress immaculately as if you are going for your first date, even though you are not. With Fellmonger shoes, put your best foot forward and slay it in style!

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