How To Make Your Leather Shoes Last Long?

How To Make Your Leather Shoes Last Long?

How long do handmade shoes for men last?

What is the proper way to increase the lifespan of leather shoes?

High-quality men’s leather shoes go a long way. In the beginning, they might feel a bit expensive as they cost more than their cheaper counterparts but they last a lifetime. Moreover, they don’t fall apart after just a single season of modest use. Owing to their fine craftsmanship, state-of-the-art design and superior materials, these shoes are comfortable, long-lasting and visually appealing.

Below, we present a few helpful ways to maintain the look of your shoes and keep them lasting longer:

Polish your shoes regularly

Keep them shining! Indispensable and effective, regular polishing of shoes do wonders. It keeps the look of your shoes intact and increases the longevity of the leather. 

The wax polishes are the best; they make the shoes shine without grazing the leather much. Use nylon cloth to give the finishing touch, a clean wipe will give that perfect shine!


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Suede needs extra care

As compared to leather, suede requires more protection and care. Thus, before taking off your suede boots, don’t forget to treat them with a quality suede spray. The spray should be salt, mud and water resistant.

We would, however, recommend you to test the spray before applying it. Why? Because we have seen that some sprays alter the color of your shoes; better beware!

Moreover, invest in a good suede brush and eraser; together they would make your shoes last long!

Tattered newspapers for speed drying

Got stuck in a waterlogged area after last night’s crazy downpour? Fret not; you will recover for sure but what about your shoes! How will you save them from wilting away?

Old newspapers can be your best option. Stuff them in your leather shoes and keep them in a well-ventilated room for quite some time. Follow this procedure and protect your shoes from getting damaged.

Shoe trees are a good investment

If possible, invest in shoe trees; they help in keeping the shoes in proper shape while allowing it to dry. As we all know, leather cracks over time. Absorption of excess moisture leads to stinky feet, which ends up damaging the leather. The lining rots too in the process.

The absorbent wood in the shoe trees helps in drying out the lining of the leather shoes and prevent them from rotting inside out.

The right fit matters

A common misconception is that a perfect fit means there would be little or no space in the toe area. In the beginning, it might feel comfortable and snug, but after a while, your feet will hurt. As you start walking, you will realize that your leather shoes, in general, extend a bit, which might result in causing discomfort and damaging your shoes. That’s why, while picking up your favorite pair of shoes, leave at least half-inch gap in the toe area; this will prevent unnecessary pain and damage.

Pro Tip: As soon as you are done with your shoes, be sure to gently remove them by hand. If you simply kick off your shoes, they won’t last long. Plus, avoid donning the same pair of shoes for more than three days; it might wear them off pretty faster!



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