How To Wear Double Monk Straps in Style?

How To Wear Double Monk Straps in Style?

The most noticeable element in any man’s attire is actually his shoes. The sign of a true gentleman comes from his choice of shoes. Do not believe us? Then try out this simple social experiment –

Most of the time you will find a few “professional” palm readers and astrologers, take a good look at you before you sit for your session of analysis and they pay very close attention to your feet. Does palm reading involve some foot-reading as well? Not really, they actually pay close attention to your style and choice of shoes and the way you take care of them. That actually reveals a lot more about a person’s character and personality than a few lines on your hands can! So, the next time you visit an astrologer, take a note of this…

(This is in no way to offend people who believe or are involved in astrological practices and is simply the opinion of the writer; Fellmonger does not intend to ostracize astrology)

Now that you understand how important shoes are in a man’s life, it is time to look down at your feet. Does it desperately need a fashionable boost of energy? Is it crying to be pulled back up in shape? Then try our double monk shoes from Fellmonger, and read our full guide on them…

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