How Well Do You Know Your Oxford Shoes?

How Well Do You Know Your Oxford Shoes?

The ambassador of classy fashion, the shorthand for elegant style – Oxford shoe is a type of men’s lace-up dress shoe that is directly associated with fine dressing. It is the go-to shoe when gentlemen need to get ready for significant events, such as black-tie dinners, weddings and interviews.  In a nutshell, no matter how many innovative shoe designs fill the market, the charm and elegance of the Oxford shoe will always be unparalleled.

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In this article, we will focus on the nitty-gritty of this iconic shoe. So, keep reading to find out some cool facts you never knew about your favourite pair of dress shoes!

Oxford Shoe Characteristics

The distinctive feature of oxford shoes is their ‘closed lacing’ system. To understand what exactly a ‘closed lacing’ system looks like, let us get to the basics. The upper part of an oxford shoe consists of the vamp and the quarters. The portion of the upper covering the toes and instep, basically the front part of the shoe, is called the vamp. The back portions of the shoe, covering the heel and meeting the vamp in the middle, are called the quarters. For a closed lacing system, the eyelet is sewn under the vamp, lending a neat and slick look to the shoes.


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Wholecut oxfords shoes are an exception to this characteristic lacing system.


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Other key features of the Oxford are a low-heel and exposed ankle. The toe of oxford shoes allows room for variation – it can feature capped toe, wingtip and also include broguing – so you can buy the type of men’s oxford shoes online that’s in sync with your personal style.


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Interesting Facts about Oxfords

  1. Closely connected with the famous university

The origin of the Oxford shoe trend is a bit hazy. In the 17th century, men usually wore boots; they featured high heels, buttoned closure and were rather uncomfortable. Around 1825, students of the Oxford University started wearing the Oxonian shoe, a half boot with side slits, which is believed to have evolved into the modern Oxford shoe. However today, the shoe is popular among working professionals and businessmen rather than scholars!

  1. Sported by suave characters like James Bond

A big part of James Bond’s immaculate style is his elegant pair of shoes. In many movies, the charming detective is seen sharply dressed in cap-toe oxford paired with a lounge suit while he goes about solving intriguing cases. Similarly, in the movie Kingsman, Harry Hunt, a well-dressed spy played by Colin Firth, is seen giving a lesson to his protégé Eggsy about the importance of good footwear – ‘’Oxfords, not brogues. Words to live by, Eggsy.’’

Not just in reel, even in real life, a smart, well-dressed gentleman wearing a pair of Oxford shoes will definitely be noticed for his refined fashion sense.

  1. Oxfords are also known as Balmorals

Another origin story of Oxford shoes claims that these shoes were produced in Scotland, from where they got the name Balmorals. Oxfords are popular by this name in the US even today. The fact is that oxfords weren’t probably invented in a single place. Their gradual rise in popularity throughout the world shows the desire to move towards more comfortable and graceful styles, and discard the ornate footwear of the previous centuries.

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