Learn from Celebrities: 3 Men’s Style Lessons

Learn from Celebrities 3 Men’s Style Lessons

Both men and women aspire to flaunt enviable personal style. However, putting together an outfit is trickier than it seems. Take cues from celebrities; they always make sure their outfit is on point. There’s a lot to learn from fashion stalwarts, style icons and celebs. Apply these nuggets of wisdom and nail any outfit any time.

Below, we have rounded up a few style commandments shared by celebrities and their stylists. Go through them once before pulling off that natty Brad Pitt look!

Rock with Confidence

If there’s one thing that screams style, dragging instant attention while making you look like someone who has it all, it’s nothing but CONFIDENCE! Style, fashion and self-esteem go hand in hand. A combination of these three attributes influences every aspect of our lives. That’s why it’s very important to curate your closet wisely.

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Celebrities have millions of people watching them every now and then. They step out and cameras flash right on their faces. How do you think they manage? Confidence is the key. They know they have to make up a show for a living. The secret is to accept the fact that people are going to stare at them and being comfortable with the idea.

Prioritize Comfort

Being comfortable is of utmost importance. Comfort should never be taken for granted. Fortunately, contemporary culture gives unabashed priority to the comfort element while decking up. For example, men can now easily wear designer leather sneakers online and preside over board meetings without being labeled as ‘scruffy’. Authenticity and a sense of freedom expressed through attire have permeated through varying strata of society and we can’t be happier!

Even celebrities have embraced comfort clothing! Some of the most influential celebrities are found promoting modern sneaker culture.

Fit Matters

Do you have any idea how many fitting sessions happen before a celebrity finalize his/her look? If it’s a red carpet event, the numbers escalate drastically. Public appearances have always been an extremely glamorized lore.  Stars, big or small make grand appearances, promote the brands they are associated with, show off their style and cast an impression on all. In all of this, the fit of the outfit remains highly significant. Although the fabric, color, design and overall look matters, the discussions that dominate the style landscapes typically surround the fit.

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Agreed or not, well-tailored clothes flatter your body shape. A fitted dress will automatically accentuate your features and make you look attractive. Therefore, even though you are far from being a style icon or a budding celeb, you must focus on the fit of the clothes you wear.

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