Leather Shoes and More – Key Trends for Men to Follow in 2019

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The world of men’s fashion is an unending sequence of new-ins and outs. Amidst such swiftly changing trends, it can weigh heavy on your wallet and wardrobe to continually be up-to-date.

However, as the cyclical world of fashion will have it, many of the old and forgotten trends are making a comeback in 2019. Here are some men’s fashion trends, focus being on leather shoes for men, that will help you nail all the major looks of this season.

Men’s Designer shoes

Every fashion-hungry man’s guilty pleasure, men’s designer shoes are a solid way to add more personality to your getup. We understand that no one can ever have enough number of shoes. Especially men who are responsible for 85% of total footwear sales online in India! Below, we have listed three key footwear styles to swear by this season.

Brogues: With a blend of formal and casual elements, brogue shoes is definitely dominating the fashion scene this year! The neat structure of these shoes is enhanced by the addition of perforated decorations. The broguing takes away the stiffness from its look and adds more interest! Unlike oxfords, these shoes are apt for both work and casual settings. They always add a dash of panache to your sartorial game. Brogues in all its varieties – full, half, semi, with patina and prints – are shoes to look out for this year.

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For an eclectic collection of handmade leather brogues, drop by Fellmonger. Our shoes boast flawless quality and classy aesthetics. On a casual day, pair it with pinroll denims, and to give a relaxed feel to office attire, wear the shoes with chinos and a crisp dress shirt.

Chunky Soles: This year will see an overflow of hefty and stocky soles. No doubt, it is a tricky detail to pull off, but if you have the confidence to carry it you are going to grab a lot of attention for your hip style! Especially gym enthusiasts out there: use this trend for your gym trainers to increase your comfort and hotness level! Also, white chunky sneakers are still trending big time (how long have they been in vogue again?!).



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Prints: Black and brown shoes devoid of detailing are turning monotonous for many! Hence, they are embracing this bold trend with open hearts! Fashionable printed espadrilles portraying checks, dots and even animal prints are the new craze!



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Loosen Up: This trend has been building up for the last couple of years and is looking like reaching its peak this year. Loose cuts, relaxed fit and a voluminous approach to dressing is infiltrating every aspect of style. Dad jeans, pleated trousers, bulky coats and chunky trainers are up for grabs this year.

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Tip: If you go weighty on top, keep your bottom-wear trim.

Utilitarian Menswear: Function and fashion are coming closer with passing years. It’s no longer only about how it looks; it is also about how useful it is. Designers are working more and more with sustainable and functioning fabrics. Functional details like pockets are welcome! So next time you want to dress up in jeans, crew neck tee and a multi-pocket jacket – know that you’re fashionable on top of being comfortable!

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