Loafer Mania! Add Flair to Your Looks with Trendy Tassels

Did you know that the beautiful shoes called tassel loafers were the brainchild of a debonair actor and not a shoe designer? Of course, the actual shoe was created by shoemakers, but it was his idea and on his demand that tassel loafers for men were born. The name of that man is Paul Lukas. He was a Hungarian born Oscar winning actor who was renowned for his elegant style. Sometime in 1940, he approached many shoemakers, explaining them the design of a new shoe style that resembled the tasseled Oxfords he’d bought in Europe.

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After a decade of dreaming about the ideal pair of tasseled shoes, his imagination was brought into reality when Alden Shoe Company designed the first tassel loafers in 1950. Back then; this company was one of the leading shoe-makers of America. Their first batch of tassel loafers was sold out by 1952. Tapping into this market for men’s designer shoes, high society label Brooks Brothers started hoarding their store with tassel loafers. These shoes featured a distinctive stitching at the back of the shoes, known as fox stitching.

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Bold can be Subtle

Tassels are fun and flamboyant. However, this bold detailing doesn’t diminish the classiness and practicality of traditional loafers. It adds just the right amount of decoration to simple leather loafers. It ups the shoe-game, but does that very subtly. No wonder that tassel loafers became the preferred choice for American fashionistas in the mid nineties. They suited the taste of men looking for dressy shoe designs that ranked high on elegance. The traditional penny loafers can look like ‘’an old man’s shoe’’. But tassel loafers look modish, yet don’t compromise with sophisticated style. They are a modern take on the classic penny loafers.

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These durable shoes have stood the test of time, which is no mean feat in the fashion world. Even today, tassel loafers for men are highly sought after. But you don’t have to look for them in vintage stores. They are available in many online shopping platforms. In many tassel loafers, the strings that are used to make the tassels run all the way till the back of the heels, much like boat shoes. These shoes are known for their versatility– they can be worn with jeans, chinos, casual trousers or cord, for a relaxed and fun look, as well as for a smart look that goes with business casuals. Apart from classic colors like brown, tan, burgundy and black, they are also seen in unconventional colors like Prussian blue.

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These good old American shoes became popular in India after Bollywood actors started flaunting them. From Hrithik Roshan to Riteish Deshmukh, all the dapper men of Bollywood have donned these shoes. These gorgeous shoes can take you through most occasions stylishly, be it for a drink in a posh lounge or a weekend getaway with friends.

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Recently Virat Kohli was spotted in a pair of brown tassel loafers teamed with beige chinos and white shirt, and he looked simply terrific!

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