How to Look Debonair in Leather Loafers for Men

leather shoes for men

Without a doubt, loafers are the most fashionable shoes of our time. Refined in appearance and superior in comfort, loafers are here to stay. There are several reasons that make loafers the ultimate footwear choice for men. Firstly, they are minimalistic and secondly, they are extremely versatile. The easy and relaxed vibe of this shoe type is winning the hearts of contemporary stylistas. The best part is of course its adaptability. They complement both casual and formal outfits. They can be dresses up or down according to the occasion at hand.

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It is important to create looks that have a narrative behind them. This helps add dimension and classicism to our outfits. So, let’s uncover some interesting facts and useful styling tips about this classic footwear.

Origin of Leather Loafers:

Loafers originated in Scandinavia among Norwegian dairy farmers, which later became the defining characteristic of preppy style. Popularized by the youths of classic American universities, preppy aesthetics is all about clean and tasteful appearance. It is also known as Ivy League style of dressing.

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Coming back to the present day, these vintage shoes are an essential for all men who aim to look effortlessly stylish and elegant.

Loafer Styles:

  • Penny Loafer:

This shoe style was all the rage in the fifties among American prep students. Adored for its simplistic style and high adaptableness, penny loafers defined the classic collegiate style.

G.H. Bass Shoe Company was among the leading manufacturers of penny loafers in the late 1930s. As the story goes, Mr. Bass’s wife used to plant a kiss on her husband’s cheek every morning before he left for work and this inspired the lip-like detailing on penny loafers!

Back then, mobile phones were out of the question. So, students stuck dimes into these lip-like slots. These dimes were sufficient to make phone calls from pay booths. This is how these slip-on shoes got their name. The slots were tight enough to safeguard the precious dimes.

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As per the current fashion trends, you must shop for black penny loafers online.

  • Tassel Loafer:

Unfussy and charming, tassel loafers feature a playful touch in the form of a tassel. They look equally handsome with a neat suit as they do with a pair of slim-fitted chinos.

Did you know? Tassel loafers are also used to describe legal representatives because they love to flaunt this style!

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How to Style Loafers:

  • Loafers with formals:

Loafers help you carry your formal attire with flair. The determining factor is the material. Opt for good quality leather loafers in classic colors, like black, navy and brown. Loafers are perfect for business parties where we need to look polished yet fashionable. The laid-back vibe emanated by loafers makes it ideal for semi-formal dressing too. If you wish to experiment with bolder colors, like cherry browns and cobalt blues, make sure the color of your clothes is subdued, like navy, grey and white.

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  • Loafers with chinos:

Loafers and chinos is the style mantra to rock the smart casual look. They look especially striking in day events, like luncheons. To finish the look you need a good dress shirt; tie is optional.

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  • Loafers with denims:

This summer, ditch the denim-sneaker combo for casual settings. Instead, team leather loafers with denims. It will instantly elevate your style-quotient. While t-shirts are the go-to choice, we recommend you go for shirts as they suit the look better.

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  • The Sock dilemma:

Loafers without socks look smooth and easy-going. Don a pair of trousers that are slightly shorter in length-not below the ankles, as this length complements slip-ons the most. But the loafers and socks look can also be done right; you need to choose socks that closely match the color of your pants.

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Add a dapper touch to all your apparel with handmade leather loafers for men. Crated using best quality leather, Fellmonger handmade leather shoes will get you through any occasion stylishly!

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