#LoveNLush: 4 Contemporary Local Shoe Brands That Are Rolling Out Ultra-Modish Shoes

Rampant mass production has hit every industry, and shoe manufacturing industry is no different. Finding a perfect pair of shoes is no more a doodle- especially when every other person owns something close to what you possess, in terms of dress, shoes, accessories and what not!

Fortunately, there are a few bespoke Indian brands that are on a drive to maintain the essence of exclusivity, originality and versatility, while offering swanky, offbeat looks. They still do their every bit to make each design as unique as possible. In honor of them, we break down some of the best independent foot warriors, otherwise known as a list of fresh footwear companies that are on a quest to make handmade shoes for men as effortless as possible.

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Achilles’ Heel

handmade leather brogues

A contemporary luxury brand that swears to offer nothing but absolute exquisiteness! This shoemaker takes pride in maintaining a warm balance between the traditional and modern shoe-making techniques to churn out elegant pair of happiness. Each shoe curated here aims to please your sartorial senses! Name it – design, comfort or craftsmanship, and get it here.


leather shoes for men

The poster child of Gaurav Bhatia, Fellmonger features a range of spectacular shoes for men that aim to bring out your best style foot forward. The leather shoes handcrafted by master craftsmen are head-turners, in sync with the latest coveted trends. More importantly, they vouch to keep their affordability quotient in check by offering truly convenient prices as well as the promise of superior quality. This made them a hot fav shoe shopping option among the bloggers, fashionistas, celebrities as well as professionals, who are always on a lookout for trendy yet solemn fashion shoe-products.

In the context above, Gaurav Bhatia, the proud owner of Fellmonger is found saying, “Handcrafted shoes in India, especially for men, are a rarity. Much like luxury apparels, premier leather shoes also undergo the same meticulous process of amalgamation. The process begins with picking the right design and the right type of leather for your shoes, followed by steps of processing and manufacturing.”

mens leather casual shoes

Heel and Buckle

For ultimate bespoke and retail shoe experience, drop by Heel and Buckle. The brand’s absolute dedication towards crafting everything classy is reflected in their shoes. To give the customer’s an out of the world kind of experience, they focus on every minute detailing involved in the shoemaking process. That breathes life into each pair of shoes!

leather sneakers mens


leather boots for men

Nothing but only the finest quality leather, most exuberant linings and immaculate craftsmanship go into the make for these luscious homegrown brands, like SS HOMME. Started back in 2012 as a bespoke luxury men’s clothing store, SS HOMME has now set its foot in the domain of handmade shoes.

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