Loving the Loafers: How to Style Live-in Leather Loafers for Everyday

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The love men feel towards loafer shoes is understandable. They are ultra comfortable and make every outfit look smart and relaxed. The versatility of these shoes is another reason for their popularity. Especially if the loafers are made of leather, then you can sail from your desk to a dinner date with utmost ease and in effortless style!

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They look good with denims, chinos, tailored trousers and even suits! Leather loafers are formal enough for wearing to workplaces yet casual enough for striding the streets in style! In case you are wondering how to do that, search no more. We have created this blog to guide men on styling these amazing pair of shoes with all kinds of outfits. Read on.

Fashion Loafers:

Penny loafers once defined the fashion of American university students. The name has an interesting story behind it. The students used the design in the front to slip pennies they would use for making phone calls from booths.

Since their origin, loafers have been in and out of style several times. Thanks to Gucci and other bigwigs of fashion world, these shoes are currently in vogue. In fact, they are a must-have item in a stylish man’s wardrobe.

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The reason they are so popular is that they can be easily dressed up or down. You can wear loafers with tuxedo as well as all kinds of suits- double breasted, single breasted, whatever be your style. You can even wear them with bathing trunks on the beach! They really cover the entire range of your clothing collection. Let’s explore some trendy looks to sport this season.

Look 1

Blue suits all kind of skin tones and is way more versatile than black. A pair of blue chinos, a button down shirt in light shades like light blue or grey, and a pair of brown loafers work wonderfully. In fact, brown penny loafers are the most wearable of all colors and an absolute staple for this season. The soles of loafer shoes are a different color from their bodies. Often, men get confused about what color belt to wear with outfits. Always match the color of belt with your shoe color. There’s some flexibility in that because you can match the belt with the brown color of the body or the darker black soles, both look good.

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Look 2:

Beige colored chinos, dark colored polo tee and a pair of brown suede loafers. This creates a causal and smart look that can be worn to lunch dates, or brunches with friends or a mid week dinner date with bae. Just put on our shades and step out in style! You can go for red or olive green polo tee shirt.

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Look 3- beach look

Many guys don’t like wearing flip flops on beaches. That’s understandable- they probably don’t want their toes showing. So, it’s best to go with a caramel or tan colored penny loafer. Wear your favorite pair of shorts, your shades, dab some cologne and slip into your tan leather loafers.

Look 4:

Navy blue shirt+ denims + blue leather loafers= a suave and sophisticated look.

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