Men’s Footwear: Top 5 Spring-Summer Trends 2019

Men’s Footwear: Top 5 Spring-Summer Trends 2019

Summer is HERE, which means its high-time you need to get acquainted with the biggest menswear trends that dominated Spring-Summer 2019. Your summer wardrobe needs a refresh with the latest fads and we are here for help!

Below, we’ve rounded up the most prevalent shoe trends from SS’19 that tickled our fancies. Hopefully, it will do the same to you too… Till then, happy reading (and happy shopping)!

The Resurgence of Boat shoes

Currently, boat shoes are relishing an impromptu renaissance. After reeling under a tarnished image for quite some time, these mens leather casual shoes seem to be injected with a fashion boost. The newbie fashion experts are found adopting this style trend. Even high-end brands, like Prada, are betting on them this spring. So, save hard for this affordable classic. Boat shoes with a moccasin feel are high in demand. Minimum detailing and refined appeal are its USP.

handmade shoes for men

Bold Colors

A pop of colors never hurts… especially when the sun is shining and the weather is crisp! Splashing your classic silhouettes with a dash of welcoming hues is indeed the next best thing. However, just make sure you pair your muted shaded trousers with funky leather shoes for men. The burst of color will surely offset the neutral undertones of your outfit – making you look fun and fabulous!

Sliders Got Updated

Just imagining a pair of sliders gets us back to the days by the pool. Laidback and casual, they are fashion-favorites of our dads as well. You will find men of all ages tripping down the aisle of supermarkets in them. However, recently, these sliders have undergone a whole new fashion upgrade. Expect minimalistic logo, mess-resistant materials, patent leather, unique designs and a fuss-free look. All this add a strike of sleekness to the shoes pulling up their style factor a notch higher.

Sneakers Are Everywhere

handmade shoes for men

Designer leather sneakers online are a trend that will last for long. As well as retro runners and summer trainers; they are its tailing rivals. All of them carry the smell of the past yet they keep one foot in the present to keep the rustic-yet-contemporary vibe going strong. Nevertheless, you can’t ignore that sneakers in the early years were ugly with chunky soles that looked hideous. Over the years, they have imbibed a certain sense of style and made their way towards being smarter shoes.

Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable fashion a trend per se! Known to all, sustainable fashion has become the order of the day. There’s no denying that several industry verticals are eyeing more eco-friendly ways of making clothes and accessories and we can’t be happier. At Fellmonger, we understand the importance of quality raw materials and eco-conscious fashion. The leather we use is full-grain and vegetable tanned. Over the years, it develops a rich patina and looks even nicer and more refined.

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