Men’s Guide to Nail the Semi Formal Look

Men’s Guide to Nail the Semi Formal Look

Semi-formal dressing is synonymous with smart style, but striking the perfect balance between formal and informal is always a tricky business. Semi-formal is more flexible than formal dress code, yet there are many dos and don’ts following which ensure a sharp appearance. Semi-formal attire is quite ambiguous; hence it’s understandable if you feel a little overwhelmed and confused by this style of dressing. The aim is to not only dress properly but to get noticed and this article will steer your fashion sense in the right direction.

The Semi-formal Wardrobe

Formal dress codes are generally for highly professional occasions, black tie and white tie events. Semi-formal, on the other hand, is more relaxed and suitable for occasions like evening parties, dinners and weddings. However, it is essential to maintain classy aesthetics just like formal dressing. Below are the basic items you need to ensure an elegant and neat appearance in semi-formals:

Suits: Wearing a suit is a wise and easy choice; just ensure that the style and color is proper. You need to look beyond the classic black suit, which is too formal; instead select colors like beige, navy blue and grey. Also, leave behind your tuxedo to avoid a social faux pas.

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Pants: It is possible to appear polished without the typical two-piece outfit. Opt for a pair of tailor-made trousers or the more modern option – sleek chinos. Coordinate the color of pants with your shirt or blazer (if the weather is right to wear one) and ensure that the overall appearance is appropriate for the dress code. Classic shades like navy, white, beige and grey are failsafe.

Shirts: The most important rule is to select dress shirts in high-quality fabrics and ensure their fit is perfect. A classic white or light blue shirt is the best to wear with chinos. On the other hand, if you’re donning a traditional suit, you can be playful with colors and patterns of shirts.

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Shoes: Dress shoes crafted with superior quality leather add flair to semi-formal outfits. Select a wrong pair and all the effort you’ve put into the rest of your attire will go to waste! Choose smart and fashionable footwear such as brogues and black penny loafers. To infuse your look with a laid-back elegance, select one of these handmade leather shoes online.

Daytime vs. Nighttime Attire

For an eye-catching daytime look, keep your attire more towards the informal end. Choose simple styles and subdued colors like cream, beige and tan. Add a dash of verve with a brightly-colored tie or dapper accessories. You can experiment quite a bit with accessories and add personal touches to your look.

For evenings, your suit needs to be darker and dressier, which looks great when combined with shirts in light shades. Polish your look further by opting for these handmade formal shoes by the renowned men’s shoe-makers, Fellmonger.


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