Men’s Shoe Rules You Need to Know RN

Men’s Shoe Rules You Need to Know RN

The best way to identify a gentleman is by his SHOES!

Previously, shoes were treated as an object of necessity but now they form an essential element of men’s attire. Today, they can either break or make your look. Research says that we size up strangers by about 30% based on their shoes although they only cover 5% of their bodies.

Thus, we can say that shoes have passed on to become a lot more than a pair of everyday-essentials and to contribute to chain effect, here we are with our daily dose of footwear guidelines that will help you put your best fashion foot forward!

Color Rules

  • Your handmade shoes for men should be darker than your trousers. This is a very simple rule but if you stick to it, you can ace any look – be it business, formal or casual!
  • The socks should match with your shoes as well as your belt. The key is not to go overboard.

Best Shoe Styles

  • If you are in two minds, it’s better to go conservative than offbeat. Of course, you don’t want to expend on shoes that look outdated or edgy!


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  • Tassel loafers mens India will never go out of style. They look decent with almost everything.
  • Monkstraps or Wingtips are cool too.
  • Make sure you have at least one pair of brogues.

The Buying Norms

  • Fit matters. You should always pick fit over style. It would do no good if your feet hurt.
  • Shoes are an investment. They happen to be the most expensive element of your ensemble. We recommend spending money on shoes rather than on shirts or trousers.
  • Once a year, splurge on that beautiful pair of shoes you have your eyes on for ages!


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How to Wear Sandals?

  • Socks and Sandal, a deadly combination! Never wear both of them together.
  • A pair of flip-flops is an absolute-must during summer.
  • Never wear a pair of flip-flop at the workplace.
  • Stay away from wearing sandals if you tend to have gross feet.

Boots Rule

  • No, cowboy boots don’t look good with suits!
  • They are just not perfect for formal occasions. If you are sporting a rugged look, cowboy boots may be the best bet otherwise not!

Rules for Sporting Sneakers/ Athletic Shoes

  • When combining khakis with sneakers, you look older than your age. So, prepare yourselves!
  • Regarding your workout shoes, replace them once every six months.
  • Before you start your weight training in those new pair of athletic shoes, it’s very important to break them well and walk around in them for some time. You can also try them out for quick runs in the beginning.


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As concluding notes, no matter what event or occasion you are attending, make sure your designer shoes online look shining as always.

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