Monsoon Shoe Care: 5 Things to Consider

Monsoon Shoe Care: 5 Things to Consider

Ah, Monsoon is here!!

So is the time for munching hot pakodas and savoring endless rounds of chaii, while enjoying the rains. Oh, what beauty rain brings in! But, what happens after getting soaked in the rain, from head to toe?!

Drying your clothes is no big deal but when it comes to leather shoes, you need to be CAREFUL! Spoiling your designer handmade leather shoes is not something you can stand.

Here are the top 5 easy hacks to protect your shoe companions in Monsoon:

Dry Them ASAP

Agreed or not, most of the leather shoes are expensive. In case, they are wet, you need to them dry them in an open space. Dry them naturally under a fan. Avoid air conditioners because your shoes will remain damp. Also, ensure your shoes are being dried inside out thoroughly. Otherwise, you may have skin infections and irritations wearing fairly damp shoes.

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Clean Them Well

Want to last your shoes long? Clean them regularly. The constant wear and tear and mud and slush not only spoil the quality of your shoes but also take a hit on the texture. Use a dry cloth or toothbrush to dust off the mud stack formed on your shoes. Then, sprinkle some powder inside so that it soaks up the moistness in them.

Pampering Is the Key

Invest in good shoe polish. It will keep the quality of the product intact while retaining the texture of the shoes. Polish regularly and keep them just as new. However, it takes time and patience. Don’t start right away; test the polish first on a small area to be sure it doesn’t cause discoloration. Then apply the polish evenly in a circular motion using a soft, clean cloth throughout the shoe. When you are done, use another clean cloth and wipe off the polish following similar motion.

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Shoe Trees

If you are too fussy about your handmade leather loafers, try shoe trees. They help maintain the shape of your shoes. A high-quality shoe tree is made up of solid wood – thus absorbs moisture and helps check odor. Nevertheless, if you can’t afford shoe trees, you can always use newspapers. The latter too absorbs moisture and keeps the shoes crisp and dry.

Store Them Right

Extreme temperature can be detrimental for superior leather pieces. Store them in dry places away from sun and damp. Never leave your shoes near a heater or under direct sunshine. Always, try to keep them on a shoe rack where they get the opportunity to dry naturally and completely.

During Monsoons, mens leather casual shoes are more prone to damage and wear and tear. Please take extra care of them to increase their shelf life. Plus, little bit TLC never hurts!


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