Mr. Wholecut’s Guide to Men’s Wholecut Designer Shoes

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Hello! I’m Mr. Wholecut and today I shall inform you all about my kind– Wholecut designer shoes for men. There are several beautiful varieties of men’s designer shoes, but our breed is a class apart from other shoes. Polished, classy and great sense of style– these are just few of the many compliments we fetch for men who don us. Keep reading to know why we are perfect to be worn throughout the day, all year round.

Our Defining Qualities:

We are Versatile

There are formal shoes and there are casual shoes. But we choose to be both. Hence, the word that describes us best is versatile– the defining quality of modern men. Most dress shoes are constructed by sewing together multiple pieces of leather. But our uppers (the visible part above sole) are made of a single piece of top-grade leather. This exclusive design, featuring closed lacing, clean lines and no seams, makes us appropriate for formal events. On the other hand, with the swagger of luxurious calf leather, minimal broguing and’ patina finish’, we make gentlemen look extremely sharp and neat for casual occasions.

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We are Minimalist & Elegant, Always!

Our appeal lies in our minimalist design. We boast of clean aesthetics and know how to draw the right kind of attention without shouting for it! Our unique appearance free from any stitching actually makes us more visually appealing and goes with all types of outfits. Because of our simple style, men of all statures can pull off Wholecuts. Moreover, we will be with you for longer because the one-piece upper makes us more durable.

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We Trace the Shape of Your Feet Perfectly

We have been made by Fellmonger keeping the relaxation of wearers in mind. Our surface is smooth devoid of vamps and stitching, which can restrict the leather. Hence, we effortlessly trace the exact shape of your feet, creating a look that is more appreciable. Seamless as we are, we ensure men are comfortable for long hours, even when it includes a lot of standing and walking.

We Exhibit First-class Material

As you must have figured out, we require single pieces of flawless leather because we are made out of one piece without any joining or cutting. This is what makes our art an expensive and exclusive one. The hides chosen to make us are free from any kind of blemishes or marks, and the texture is uniform across our whole body. Moreover, shoe artists who create us say that it is one of the toughest jobs to last our kind (lasting involves fixing the upper leather to the bottom wooden cast shaped like your feet).

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It’s Easy to Maintain Us

Another plus side of having no stitching on the upper- we can be polished without any difficulty. There’s nothing coming in the way of our velvety and brilliant shine!

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That’s pretty much all about my lot. If you find this slightly self-praising guide useful, then take another suggestion and rush to buy the newest handmade shoes for men by Fellmonger. Pick your favourite from an elegant range of men’s designer shoes.

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