Never Go Wrong With These Stylish Pairs of Designer Shoes

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Who doesn’t care to look good? Appearance matters. And if anyone says he doesn’t give a damn to how he looks he is lying.

But to be on top of the style game, one needs to invest in a luscious pair of handcrafted designer shoes for men, which might come with a hefty price tag. After all, the finer things in life cost us. Pricy shoes always don’t mean they are an indulgent affair to luxuriate oneself – a decent pair of designer shoes may constitute to be a necessary part of your wardrobe instead of being just a fashion symbol.

With proper care and maintenance, a handcrafted dress shoe is meant to last for long and would obviously be more comfortable than its cheaper version. However, it is absolutely understandable for some this option may not be feasible, as they would prefer an affordable shoe option. But have you ever wondered, what makes designer shoes so fetching, so alluring?

handmade leather brogues

Well, I can help you with that. Guess what would be more embarrassing than a restaurant manager proudly mistaking a multi-millionaire for a poor chap dying to have an extravagant buffet at a prime property in the city just because he is wearing a wrong pair of shoes! This example may shed some light on the wisdom shared by our elders that is: Don’t judge a person by their clothes, judge them by their shoes!

Well, you may think this advice is not backed by scientific logic but it’s not true. According to a research published in the Journal of Research in Personality, a lot can be revealed about your personality from the shoes you wear. In simple words, shoes can be a window to your soul – so better pay attention.

Burgundy Grain Leather Brogues with Blue Elevated Sole

This elegant burgundy colored brogue will instantly make a long-lasting impression to those who have a keen eye for the details and colors. Thanks to the rich color and gorgeous texture of leather, the shoe is an epitome of perfection. The elevated sole adds a robust touch of masochism. The person who dons such pair is undeniably someone who expects to be in the limelight due to his exotic choices.

handmade shoes for men

Jet Black Goodyear Welted Brogues

A bit restrained in appearance, Jet Black Goodyear welted brogues reflect everything that stands for elegance, sophistication and minimalism. This shoe is for those souls who are more grounded and doesn’t like much show-off. Style and sleekness are his fortes – add flair in your ensemble by purchasing these designer shoes for men from Fellmonger.

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Brown Tassle Loafer

 To indulge in a spirit at home itself, add Brown Tassel loafers from Fellmonger to your wardrobe collection. Loafers are understated yet high on fashion. Boasting of typical British vibes, loafers for men online are now the latest fad to imbibe. The subtle natural detailing, the gorgeous texture pattern and immaculate craftsmanship make these shoes a must-have wardrobe possession.

coloured shoe laces

Fellmonger handcrafted shoes offer supreme comfort and a complete value for money. They are entirely handmade and each craftsman curates a single pair of art to exude flawlessness and refinement. Grab a pair today to stand out in a crowd of many as a man of class, taste and discernment. Check out the collection at their official site.

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