Play with Colors! How to Decide the Right Men’s Shoe Colors to Go with Pants

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One of the biggest confusing questions a guy is often found asking, “What color shoes should I sport with color pants?” To this, the answers that one receives are often confusing.

But, now as I am here, fret not. Here, I am going to present you a cheat sheet that would help you match colored shoes with colored pants on days when you feel too baffled to make a choice.

A primary rule to swear by – the nicer the pants, the more elegant the shoe should be. Unless your sense of styling is a tad crazy and completely out of place, and you derive a certain pleasure by donning eccentric combinations.

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Nevertheless, for the common, contemporary men at large, while wearing a suit, it is important to check that your shoes are darker than the color of your pants. Also, make sure you wear an Oxford and not a loafer. On the other hand, if the occasion calls for something dressier an option, the choice of footwear can be extended.

Lock your eyes on a great pair of mens black shoes – they are effortlessly classy!

Men’s shoe Color to Wear with Navy pants

A wide array of colors goes well with navy pants. Fortunately, navy pants boast of flexible color options.

Shoe Color Options for Navy Pants:

  • Brown (not light brown)
  • Black Bordeaux (reddish-brown)
  • Walnut Tan (darker shades)

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I would pick Fellmonger Black Derby Elevator: it is a classic designer mens shoe that is timeless in looks and ranks high on comfort. It can be worn with almost anything, from straight-fit trousers paired with well-knit sweaters to a decent summer suit.

Men’s Shoe Colors to Wear with Brown Pants

Brown is a staple color for men. Black and brown, both are the most high-in-demand colors that dominates male wardrobe. But what shoe color to wear with Brown pants?

The basic rule to style brown pants is to pair shoes that are as dark as your pants, and that will narrow down your options considerably.

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Shoe color Options for Brown Pants:

  • Brown (any shade)
  • Tan
  • Black

If you ask me, I would say make your style game strong by purchasing Brushed Burgundy Brogue Hybrid shoes – team them up with a pair of nice jeans or khakis, and look super dapper!

Men’s Shoe Colors to Wear with Black Pants

I would like to bring it to your attention that if you prefer black pants, then you must have set your eyes for anything but black shoes. That’s the end of the discussion.

Shoe Color Options for Black Pants:

Black, and only Black!

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Fellmonger Black Double Monk Elevator is my favorite pair of dress shoes – they have the ability to uplift the look of any outfit, without going overboard. They look good with presidential suit, normal jeans as well with a more casual pair of slacks. Just don’t forget to keep the look a bit loose, excessive concentration on black can make your attire look extremely grave.

The rest will be taken care of Fellmonger – drop by our website to know more!

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