Soft Tailoring – The Answer of Dressing Well

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Who we are is best expressed through smart attire choices. Clothes, our ‘cover letter to the world’ is a true manifestation of our personality. And when the discussion is about clothes, how can we leave behind the art of tailoring – soft tailoring is always highly appreciated.

For years, soft tailoring has been dominating fashion conversations, and here’s why:

Soft tailoring is effortlessly comfy

To cut the crap – no clothing option can be more comfortable than a decent pair of shorts and T-shirt. But to be more realistic, you can’t wear this combination to everywhere. Instead, you can settle for soft tailored options. Subtle jackets helps in making man look dapper, and soft tailoring amplifies the effect. Shop online as various low-to-high end brands are available there that will help you find a perfect match for yourself.

Soft tailoring is even apt for after-work relaxation

Soft jackets help soothe your appearance in less-formal events. To be more precise, donning any type of jacket with lapels helps you look more dressed up. As a result, it’s better to look for in-between clothing options that bridge the gap between laidback outerwear and solemn suits. Opt for light and mellow jackets; they are a real deal-breaker.

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Play with natural fabrics

Open-collared shirts, light colored jeans and loose-fit chinos look extremely appealing when paired well with summer fabrics, including linen, cotton and linen blends. In terms of shoes, leather exudes the most authentic and nature look – suede loafers for men serve to be a definite choice. At times, heavy fabrics goes well with Oxford button down shirts – and for shoes, it is better to settle for Fellmonger men’s ankle boots or rustic wingtips. For a more clichéd look, try tweed jacket and sport it with a woolen muffler, leather mens brogues – this combination is definitely irresistible.

Dress up or down with soft tailoring options

Often when we go out with our friends on a lazy summer evening, we try to opt for a softly tailored coat matched with the right pair of shoes (mostly leather), or at best a pair of loose fit jeans and cotton t-shirt. While making your choice about tailoring, keep in mind the softness of the fabric and the way it is being tailored.

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In the end, nothing matters but only your style statement. Try to make it as simple and sophisticated as possible. Clothes and shoes accentuate your look, and helps in making a lasting first impression – so allow considerable time in choosing the best outfit option. And, once you are done doing that, and your brain is free from unnecessary block-ups, let your true personality shine on!

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