Styling Brown Shoes for Men

Styling Brown Shoes for Men

Looking for a premium alternative to black formal shoes? Want to elevate the style quotient of your ensemble? Brown shoes are the key. A classic pair of brown handmade shoes is as much a staple as the quintessential black that every gentleman owns. Investing in a plush pair of brown shoes is a surefire way to enhance your overall look and personality and make an unforgettable impression amongst the contemporaries.

How to Wear Suits with Brown Shoes?

There are several shades of brown available in the market. From light tan to burgundy to deep oxblood, the options are almost baffling. Below, we have put together a quick guide on wearing suits with brown shoes:

    • Casual Occasions – Predominantly, brown shoes are less formal in nature as compared to black counterparts. If you are attending formal events, stick to black. However, pick brown shoes when you need to attend casual events, such as an outdoor wedding or a Saturday meeting.


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    • Shoe Style/Design – Your shoe design can make or break your look. Yes, the shoe style is of the highest significance. If you are keen to sport a classy look, go for a simple shoe without too many details on it. Simplicity stands out after all. Make sure your shoes for men are neat and clean. Say no to thick sole and never don an excessively pointy toe shoe. Brogues and tassel loafers mens India should be kept aside for less formal events because they exude laidback vibes.


    • Belt – Remember, the color of your shoes should always match the color of your belt. Of course, you will find exceptions if you are wearing navy shoes or leopard print loafers. Otherwise, swear your allegiance to this rule.


  • For Weddings, Opt For The Classics – Weddings are specials. The photos clicked on this special day will make rounds forever. Hence, you have to look your best. Stay away from trends that may look great today but not-so-great ten years down the line.

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Basic Brown Rules

  • Never mix brown with black! This combination looks horrible. So, a strict no-no! In fact, you should also avoid wearing brown shoes with navy blue suits. They look awful together.

  • CONTRAST when wearing brown shoes. The more you contrast, the better you look. That’s a general consensus. After all, shoes play an important role in terms of fashion and functionality. They are not a mere style tool but also act as a protector.

Put simply, shoes for men accent your ensemble. If you face difficulties in picking a particular shade of brown, put them against your clothing and DECIDE!


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