How to Sync Shoes with Navy Blue Trousers for Men

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Somber enough to be worn to business meetings yet cool enough to be worn with friends; dark enough to be worn at night yet light enough to be worn during daytime (not as dark as black). Navy trousers are the classiest and most versatile pair of pants out there! They are the workhorses of your wardrobe-suitable for first dates, parties, interviews as well as important occasions like weddings and funerals.

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Let’s face it- a man’s wardrobe is incomplete without these functional trousers. But, they can’t shine by themselves. They need to be paired with perfect shoes. We know that many men get a little confused when it comes to coordinating shoes with clothes. Worry no more- we bring you a blog brimming with tips to make your navy trousers look great!

Best matches:

Dark brown

Men have been wearing dark brown shoes since human beings first started wearing shoes! This combination is good to go for most occasions, except for some old-fashioned workplaces. This is a classic combination that is suitable for formal as well as casual occasions. They offer the same level of formality as black shoes but are way ahead in style quotient. Wondering how to style this combination for a relaxed look? Choose leather loafers or moccasins.

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A basic rule in the color game is that primary colors look great together. Burgundy has a red undertone that coordinates well with navy, since red and blue are both primary colors. Burgundy shoes with navy trousers look stunning on all occasions other than black tie events, which call for more formal color code.


Navy on navy is a beautiful combination that doesn’t break a viewer’s line of vision. If you haven’t tried this look yet then you must try it soon! By the way if you less blessed in the department of height, then you must pair navy shoes with navy trousers for an illusion of tallness.

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We know grey dress shoes are hard to come by. But, if you do find a pair then try them with your navy pants for an unconventional and smart look.


White and navy are good for casual settings. It looks striking and if you have the confidence to pull off this look, then trust me- all eyes will be on you, admiring your fashion sense.

Acceptable matches:


Well, there are many fashion conservative workplaces that require men to wear black formal shoes. This is a classic combination so you cannot go wrong with this.

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Light brown

Among the shades of brown, dark brown is the first choice to wear with navy blue. But, light brown looks good too. However, you need to be careful about matching your belt with the color of your shoes.

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Green is a rather casual color, so it is best to wear this color with casual navy trousers made of lightweight materials like linen.


Another casual combination; red dress shoes may be rare, but red and navy go well. You only need to be bold enough to carry this look!

No match:


Beige shoes with navy trousers are a pain for the eyes. It looks quite tasteless and must be avoided. There are lots of other combinations to choose from, so stray away from this please.

After reading this, you must be feeling tempted to purchase a few handcrafted shoes online, in smart shades and modern designs that complement your crisp navy trousers. So, drop by Fellmonger- our handmade leather shoes will woo you right!

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