The Best Way to Dress in Brown Shoes

The Best Way to Dress in Brown Shoes

Do you have a burning question in mind when it comes to men’s shoes? Is is how to wear to wear brown boots and shoes? What goes well with that colour?

We often get asked that question when out and about. Men find it confusing to understand when is the right time or occasion to put on a pair of brown boots as opposed to their go-to black shoes! Also sayings such as – no brown in town, further adds to their bafflement.

Also many go by the age-old rule of no brown after six, when the truth is in fact starkly different. From the time these rules were invented and today’s times, things have changed a lot, needless to say. So, we would like to elaborate on when, where and how to style those brown pair of boots and highlight how men can combine them with the right pair of socks and the right trousers or pants to complete their grizzly brown look.

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The basic rules of brown shoes:

• Initially footwear was matched as per the colour of the suit men wore back in the 17th century
• Never wear brown shoes with a navy blue suit, as they look highly undesirable
• No brown in town was no longer a valid rule since the 1950s, and evenings do call for some colour other than black
• Nowadays brown country boots are also allowed in fine dining restaurants with stringent dress codes

The best times for putting on those smart brown boots:

The colour is very versatile and hence, can be worn with almost anything one can think about. Starting from jeans to cavalry twill and from flannel to corduroy, worsteds as well as tweed, put anything on when smarting a pair of brown shoes. Starkly different from the colour black, brown also comes in endless diversity of shades thereby, allowing one to create a distinguished shoe collection which is unique.

Mentioned herein are a few guidelines that one can adapt as they please – and for better understanding, peek at the mirror and use your own style quotient to get the best look for yourself!

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For business suits:

For both 2-piece and 3 piece business suit, you can smart the following colours, it could be in solid worsted, in flannels or pinstripes, or just faint windowpanes, and even in the Prince of Wales Checks!

Here’s is your colour guide:

• Mid grey: avoid tan at all cost, go for dark brown or cherry, black could also work
• Black: avoid brown altogether, only wear black shoes
• Dark navy: cordovan, tan and dark brown can be worn for a dapper look. Black goes well as well, but you will stand out like a sore thumb if you wear light tan shoes with a navy suit, so bear that in mind when styling.
• Charcoal grey: avoid tan, darker browns will work and black usually goes best.
• Dark brown: avoid black completely, and always go for a shade of brown

When keeping it cas:

When to wear brown shoes with a casual suit:

• Green: always brown, avoid black and mostly any shade of brown will work
• Tan: cherry, cordovan, and mid brown shades work great
• Brown: skip the black always and pair with a shade of brown
• Khaki: dark browns only, stay away from black
• White or off-white: browns again go well, mid brown or reddish tinges work the best, dark browns could work as well

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