The Indian Shoe Affair

The Indian Shoe Affair

It’s totally impossible to be well-dressed in cheap shoes – Sir Hardy Amies

On that note, we begin our discussion on how modern Indian men are flaunting their sartorial skills high… Dynamic, millennial men are donning pinstriped navy suits matched with pairs of shining bespoke leather shoes. Confidence and sophistication fill the air; however, we can’t forget that India is a country where going barefoot was once a widespread social norm. Indian subcontinent boasts of a long and interesting heritage, especially where footwear is concerned.

The Padukas or the ‘Footprints of the Gods’ are the oldest Indian sandals made up of wood. They come with a grip in between the big toe and the rest of the toes and are largely worn by Jain, Hindu and Buddhist saints in modern India. The jootis and mojaris were introduced during the Islamic era. Mostly made from leather and adorned with silver and golden threads, these shoes can be worn by both men and women. They are colourful, comfortable and well-embellished. A wide number of people still don them in Northern and Western India.

Colonialism made us welcome classic mens leather casual shoes; since their advent, they have cast a spell around and became the most quintessential element of the contemporary business outfit. They aced the ladder of sartorial choices and morphed into a prerequisite of dressing chic.

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Nevertheless, our shoes bear the maximum brunt of our hectic life. Mud stains, flaky leather, crumbling soles and tattered shoe strings reflect the sorry state of our shoe companions. No matter, how well you dress up, if one of the signs mentioned above is present, it will instantly pull your look down and make you a victim of fashion faux pas.

Agreed or not, wearing shabby shoes is worse than wearing sunglasses indoors. The least you could do is spend on a decent pair of cleats and keep them shining forever. For that, no one is asking you to sell your kidneys and invest in a bomb pair of Jimmy Choo. What you can do is opt for less expensive but similar quality shoe options like Fellmonger. We, at Fellmonger, take immense pride in offering India the luxury in leather it deserves. We pay immaculate attention to aesthetics, quality and details while crafting the most gorgeous pairs of leather shoes for men at amazing prices.

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Being a home-grown brand, our key objective is to give India a sliver of the world fashion in terms of shoewear that will inspire the next gen and keep them style-conscious. Frankly speaking, very few people are actually aware of the amazing properties that leather harbours, thus we aim to provide them with the needful knowledge and a wide array of superior leather products they have never seen or experienced before.

A Token of Advice: Polish your leather driver shoes for men daily. The longevity of any shoe depends on post-purchase care. Pamper your suede or Nubuck uppers with a protector spray once a week. The more they shine, the better they feel. Invest in rubber brushes; they keep dirt and debris away. For stubborn stains, opt for steam cleaning or specially formulated shoe shampoos.


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